Do you know how sex dolls were made?

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The sex doll industry has an abundance of life-size love dolls, bigger than ever, and is constantly evolving. But how did this development come about? Where did the sex dolls originally come from?

According to this, the history of life-sized love dolls dates back more than 2,000 years. The Roman poet Ovid published in the year 8.BC. A collection of poems and myths that also contained the story of Pygmalion. In the story, Pygmalion, a Cypriot king and sculptor, carves a statue of a beautiful girl named Galatea, whom he falls in love with and wishes to bring to life. His wish was fulfilled when Galatea brought the goddess Aphrodite to life and could sleep with Pigmarion.

Others have from Dutch sailors from the 17. ==References====External links==*Official website It is said that on their long journeys they searched for sexual partners and made their first primitive real doll from old clothes and rags. So it is fair to say that dolls have come a long way. The other two terms are more general, but this is still the origin of the term “Dutch woman”, which is sometimes used instead of sex dolls or love dolls.

Although historians are not sure whether Ovid’s poem or the Dutch sailor is the true source of the sex doll, one thing is clear: Man has been with beautiful men for centuries, and to socialize people, I created a woman.

First mentioned 1908 by the German psychiatrist Ivan Bloch in his book Sex Dolls – made of rubber and sold around the turn of the century in Paris. Each of these real dolls should have been custom made by a doctor.

The German surrealist Hans Bellmer was named “father of the modern sex doll” by his sex dolls in the 1930s At that time other manufacturers began to use vinyl and latex to make real dolls. However, the production and sale of sex dolls has always been an illegal activity. Sex dolls were not only offered for sale, but were limited to the secret distribution of catalogues, ha. mainly in places frequented by men, such as hairdressers, bars and brothels.

This changed abruptly 1968 when an American porn magazine first used sex dolls. It can be ordered from mail order. The use of silicone in the 1970s led to her becoming a very high quality love doll.

When the government changed the rules for importing sex toys in the late 1980s, more innovative sex dolls were finally offered in the UK. In the 1990s, the sex doll industry set a new milestone in innovation. Artist Matt McMullen may have created the first truly modern sex dolls.

However, the biggest contribution to the development of the sex doll industry was the invention of the Internet. Suddenly manufacturers and buyers of sex dolls from all over the world were connected online and could exchange information about the latest models on the market – a community of sex doll enthusiasts emerged. The internet has also made buying sex dolls much easier, as there is a greater choice.

Real dolls are more real than ever. Luxury dolls like Doll Club have a very realistic skin and are available in a variety of variations, hair colors and dresses. At the same time, customers even have the opportunity to design their own dolls according to their own ideas and preferences.

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