Do the cost and function of the robotic sex doll match?

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How much does a sex robot cost?











A personalized sex robot can cost several euros. However, cheaper models can also be found on the growing market. With the widespread use of this technology, it is expected that the price of sex robots will decrease, expanding the scope of application. Can sex robots do housework?

The Chinese manufacturer of love doll real has developed a robot that laughs at you and even washes the dishes. The work is powered by artificial intelligence and can also be used as a love doll that people can have sex with. This is the latest product from the AI-Tech brand. Some people say its design works like Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant or Apple’s Siri smart speaker. The erotic robot uses the built-in microphone to hear what you say and to detect when you are joking and laughing. The ultimate goal is for it to also do chores, such as turning on the dishwasher. But its creator said one of its main uses will simply be to provide physical comfort to the owner.

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