Divorce or loss of partner are also reasons to buy sex dolls

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Lovers of sex dolls can communicate on forums: According to an entertainment dating site survey, 54% of people use TPE love dolls as sex toys, or 46% use “Ready to Try”; as a reason. Take a look at the international “doll forum” where doll lovers can exchange ideas virtually, which confirms the results of the research. Most users are only interested in purity complemented by corrective lenses, because when it comes to perfection, the doll will of course take care of a lot: “If I also have a supermodel doll, why should I sleep with an ordinary woman?









Because they don’t get along with the opposite sex or feel uncomfortable dating. Separation, divorce or loss of partner can also be reasons for buying sex dolls. So are we getting people into trouble or are we just forgetting how to get along with others? More and more people are admitting that they are afraid of being rejected or approached. Sociologists have proven that the sex doll phenomenon is getting worse and worse. We focus more and more on ourselves, avoiding risks and conflicts…until the fear of participation outweighs the hope of a happy coexistence.

Industry scientists have also proven that narcissism will increase. We increasingly surround each other, avoiding risks and conflicts until we are afraid to interfere, hoping to be happier together. Is an inanimate sexual partner a role model for the future? Because they don’t get along with the opposite sex or feel uncomfortable dating.

Most Real Doll customers accompany them for an hour, about 80 euros. Then we met the only male doll in the hallway of the brothel named Mr. Diego. The manager explained that female “real dolls”; can choose from 2000 different models on the free market, while there are currently only about 50 male “real dolls”. Let’s take a look at the technology trend: There are already sex robots with built-in artificial intelligence.

You can move your eyes and mouth and have a voice recognition app similar to the app on your smartphone. The demonstration is impressive, this feature makes the cross between sex doll robots and humans more humane and interchangeable. According to futurists researching at the Australian National University, the future of interacting with intelligent robots is so bright that we sometimes utterly despise human intimacy.

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