Disturbing our sex life Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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This is one thing for shy people who want to hide behind the screen or build relationships with relatives. But when we are two people face to face, does the Japanese Mini Sex Dolls technology interfere with our sex life?

Not necessarily sexually. But this is certainly more common for what happened before. We start love stories with text messages, and some even send erotic pictures. Currently, it depends on the taste of the person and whether we can use sex toys during sex. This is not an obligation, I don’t think it will become an obligation.

This is already your fourth documentary on sex in ARTE. What did you find particularly interesting in the area?

My documentary doesn’t talk about sex in a biological sense. Finally, I’m talking about relationships and Japanese Mini Sex Doll love. Sex is not only sex, it can also explain many other things. I like to talk about this because it can meet a lot of interesting people, against normalistic activists, and because it can teach something novel.

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