Discovery in sex doll store

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 Good packing is hygienically packed in a shipping box. Since its inception, the doll tenants are mainly merchants who supply toys to hotels. K said that there is no “human service provider”. But couples who want threesomes without being jealous have ordered – and, of course, lonely single men.

The two leaders hope to expand their scope, offering more sex toys and including male dolls due to high demand. Only one question remains: how does it feel to have sex with such a doll? The person in charge said that it is good and more exciting than real people. He tried it himself. “I tell the truth,” he said with a smile.

Sex doll Valerie (Valerie) is also waiting for the next customer on the shelf.
At the end of the rental period (a doll costs 189 euros per night), the silicone lady returns to the office, is professionally cleaned and disinfected, and then treated with oils and powders. The person in charge said, “This makes the skin soft and supple.” The use of a UVC lamp with a special black light should ensure that all bacteria can be killed. The person in charge said that the client is responsible for the rough pre-cleaning. When you book this, you agree to “wash off the doll’s love hole” before actually returning it.

Clean the doll upon return and even irradiate it with UVC light to kill the virus.
In terms of services, the two men are not only interested in entertainment, but also admit that their lifeless employees will play an important role. The person in charge said, “A healthy sex life is very important for your own happiness.” If everything works in this part of your life, it will also affect your work and social life. “But what should people do who suffer from social anxiety? Who are ashamed of their bodies or afraid to talk to women? With dolls, we can give everyone the opportunity to have sexual contact.” Many people are afraid to go to brothels. You would rather stay in your comfort zone to experiment. “

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