Difference Between Sex Doll And Masturbator

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Difference Between Sex Doll And Masturbator

Have you ever wondered?

It’s for masturbation as well, why not use a masturbator,why should I bother to buy such an expensive sex doll to get a sex doll fucking?

To be honest, I myself have had the above question about the sex doll. “Even if you buy a realistic sex doll, the sex doll is not really your girlfriend, and if it’s just for sex, wouldn’t it be best to use a masturbator that’s obviously less expensive and easier to store than the sex doll?

On the other hand, I also know that the sex doll can exist for a long time has a certain value. So, after fucking my realistic sex doll for a long time, I finally found the answer to this question.

Difference Between Sex Doll and Masturbator
Now, I’d like to share with you my point of view on the specific distinction between realistic sex dolls and masturbators. I hope this will be helpful.

In order to make the difference clear to you, I would like to show you this table of sex dolls and masturbator.

1. Price
Most realistic sex doll agencies sell sex dolls at a price of $1,000 or more. $1,000 is not a small amount of money.So you have to be very careful when buying a realistic sex doll.Difference Between Sex Doll and Masturbator

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But at the same time, if you open Amazon and look for “masturbator”, you will find a lot of products that cost around $200.

Difference Between Sex Doll and Masturbator

2. Cleaning
Operating the masturbator is very simple. Just grab it by the hand, insert your dick and enjoy. When you are done using it, cleaning is necessary to prevent mold and germs from forming. You can clean the inside directly with a van and running water, and then leave to dry. I thought this was a bit tedious during the wise time, but it’s not particularly complicated, so it’s not too difficult to clean.

However, realistic sex dolls are different. First of all, sex dolls are heavy.Sex dolls are much heavier than masturbators. For example, a 140cm sex doll generally weighs 20kg, and a 150cm sex doll is closer to 30kg. Fortunately, I do muscle training every day, so I still have plenty of time to lift it. However, the difficulty level goes up a notch. And then there’s the cleaning afterwards. In fact, there are two types of vaginas in love dolls: the integrated type and the detachable type. When I tried it, I found that the detachable type is easy to use, and the process after removing it from the doll is almost the same as masturbation. The problem with the integrated type is that you can’t remove the vagina of the sex doll, which is full of lotion inside, and you have to take the whole sex doll to the bathroom to clean it, which I found to be the most troublesome part.

3. Feeling
From the standpoint of how good it feels to simply insert a doll, I don’t think there is much difference. Both of them wrapped Junior tightly and were very comfortable.BUT in many cases,when you are using a masturbator,you have to use your hands to hold the sex tool,for realistic sex doll,you don’t have to worry,you can also grasp the big tits of the sex doll during a sex doll fucking,which is my favorite about sex doll,it makes me feel like I’m having sex with a real woman,I have more satisfaction after finishing,I will explain to you in details below.

Difference Between Sex Doll and Masturbator
4. Satisfaction
If you’ve read this far, you’re probably already leaning toward the masturbator. But here’s where the real battle begins!

Masturbating with a masturbator that is easier to use is exactly the same as masturbating with your hands, except it feels better. It felt good while I was using it, but when I was done, I just felt empty. It’s hard to say if I’m satisfied or not.

The following are the significant advantages of sex dolls compared to masturbation holes.

(1) A masturbator is just a prop in the shape of a vagina, whereas a realistic sex doll is a completely realistic representation of a real woman, with a matching face, breasts, waist, legs, skeleton, etc. When I entered the room, I was immediately happy just by looking at her pretty face and beautiful body,fat ass and big tits make me want to fuck my sex doll so fucking much.

(2)If it was a masturbator, I would have to watch an erotic video or imagine my favorite scene to get an erection. There was no sense of realism at all, it was just self-play from the beginning to the end (as if my body was being raped by me).

However, in the case of the love doll, it had a cute face and a sexy torso, so when I saw them and touched its soft body like a real woman again, I immediately got an erection and couldn’t stop being excited. I was so excited that I couldn’t stop myself from having sex with the sex doll, squeezing its beautifully shaped, plump tits and slapping its mellow peach ass of my sex doll.

(3)Realistic sex dolls are available with three holes and can be played with in a variety of ways.

(4) Humans are social animals and always want to be connected with someone. To begin with, sex is something that is done between two people who love each other. Without love, it is just carnal desire, and even if the body is satisfied, what about the spirit?

Difference Between Sex Doll and Masturbator
The distinction between a love doll and a masturbator seems to be exactly the same as this. With a love doll, you can look into its eyes, convert the sex doll into different positions, and feel a strong connection when you do. When you’re done, you’re all refreshed, and you can lie on that girl’s side, huffing and puffing and talking to the sex doll. She was just silent, quietly listening to me. Seeing this, I was so impressed with myself that I couldn’t help but smile and hug her to my bosom…
The masturbator can’t compare. I finished using it and just had to put it on the table. With a love doll, I was sexually treated as a body, but I was also warm and contented. I think this is the most important point.

Final Thoughts

I have described my thoughts on the distinction between realistic sex dolls and masturbators based on my own experience. Of course, there are comparative advantages and disadvantages to both. You can make your own choice according to your own values.

Thank you for reading!

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