Difference between one piece vaginal type and detachable vaginal type real dolls

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The development and popularity of real dolls has improved every detail.
Take the vagina for example, most sex doll suppliers can now offer two options.
One is a built-in vagina, and the other is an inserted, removable vagina. What is the difference between the two?

















Replacing a doll’s vagina requires a special method or procedure. If not done properly, the real dolls can be damaged. Here are the proper steps for a more accurate vaginal treatment.

Step 1: Make sure your hands are clean and neat.
Due to the close contact with the sex dolls, the inside of the real dolls can get dirty or stained if your hands are dirty. If possible, you will need clean disposable gloves to help you.

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Step 2: Placing the real doll
Proper position and placement of the sex doll makes disassembly and assembly of the vagina easy and smooth. As you can see in the picture above, the vaginal opening expands when you release the doll feet. This will help you to change the vagina easily. Lay the sex doll flat on the prepared blanket and slowly lift the left foot to 90 degrees and open it to the left. Then open the right leg in the same way.

Step 3: Apply talcum powder to the vaginal entrance and removable vagina.
The vagina and vaginal entrance should be kept short before inserting the removable vagina. A thin layer of talcum powder can be applied to the outer surface of the removable vagina and the inside of the vaginal entrance. This will allow the removable vagina to slide through the hole and clean the doll.

Step 4: Complete the installation of the vaginal insert.
When you are ready, open the vaginal opening of the Real Doll, fully insert the Removable Vagina and make sure it is in its original position to ensure the vagina is properly attached.

The removable vagina has many advantages over a fixed vagina. It is easy to clean and dry and inexpensive to replace if damaged. Therefore, the cute pussy sex dolls is more popular and easier to sell.

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