Development status of Chinese Real Sex Doll and Silicone Sex Doll

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Some customers bought our real sex doll and found that the quality is very good. Suddenly feel confident and understand that our products are real. In view of this, I planned to write this blog. Inform existing or new customers about the current situation of Chinese real sex doll. Maybe you would win something here

In 2015, the people who played with love doll started to grow rapidly. Sex Doll Bar has become the biggest platform for silicone sex doll exchange in China. This year, the Doll Forum is in harmony. Everyone supports genuine, resists small manufacturers and has heated discussions and opinions. This year, I called it the development period. In 2016, manufacturers began to increase rapidly. Hundreds of factories are released and thousands of manufacturers are on the scene. You can’t count how many TPE sexpuppe manufacturers have been launched this year

There are more and more manufacturers, more and more silicone sex doll are sold. After the harmonic skeleton dolls become battlefields, everyone wants to advertise. The new manufacturers have no time to design new products, and directly take the products of the old manufacturers to copy them. Just like in the cell phone industry, there are thousands of branded devices and hundreds of imitations. The same is true for the real sex doll industry. Even if you are too lazy to take pictures, you can use others’ pictures directly. This year, I call it the high water season.














Many small factories directly use the images of original manufacturers, although the quality and appearance are very different, this can not stop Alibaba and Amazon to take the goods to replace the original ones, because the price is quite low. Basically do not reach the cost price of the finished product. Overseas customers are not aware of China domestic situation and see the same real sex doll pictures, the price gap is so large. Also caused a great impact on our sales of original business. Thank you to existing customers for their trust and understanding.

If you know this situation and only consider the price factors, Alibaba Amazon may be a better choice. But if you consider the quality silicone dolls, 【】.com online store is the best choice

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