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There are not many fixed male sex doll on the market for female users, and the choice is still very limited today.
Since about a year ago, the male doll market has suddenly become very hot, and a number of Almond Love Robot companies have launched their own male sex doll.For example, the recently released male doll “Zack” was a great success, and his sophisticated little biographies took the market by storm.






























Why is it so difficult to make erotic dolls popular with women?A prevailing dualistic explanation is that men are sexually hornier than women, they are visual creatures, they are used to rough apricot love ** and conquer …… , while women prefer to be gently caressed – but for silicone products this process is difficult.

The implication of this statement is clear: men are the hunters, women are the prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: dolls, for example, and apple pie in American Pie – while women need an emotional connection.

But this view also ignores the fact that 1) many women can have sex even when they’re not under a dimly lit bedspread covered in rose petals, and 2) many men also like to cuddle, not just have sex – even if it’s not with a living, flesh-and-blood human being.

“If we accept the patriarchal interpretation that men’s only preference for women is sexual value, then the apricot love doll is a good substitute.” Shelley Ronan, a sociologist at Haverford College, said. “But I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration.”

The reason women are less likely to buy sex dolls may not have much to do with sexual preference, Ronan said. “Women make less money than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she said. In addition, “under the pressure of social norms, women may be ashamed to admit they want to own them and don’t consume pornographic content as much as men.”
To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough room to enjoy their own bodies, let alone sex dolls. And what Yummy is saying is that more and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex isn’t just procreation, that sexual satisfaction doesn’t necessarily equate to developing a relationship, and that perhaps as women explore themselves, they’re also becoming clearer about what they really want.

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