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Doll’s new gel breast upgrade
Just when you thought TPE couldn’t move forward anymore, WM doll released a super soft version and implanted it in the doll’s chest. It’s really amazing, the unknown is always on the way.

Most manufacturers only have two options – solid or hollow. Firmness means that the entire breast in the rest of the doll is made of the same material, making the breast softer but still harder than the real breast. Hollowness means there is no TPE filler inside the breast during the shaping process, making the breast softer and more realistic. The downside of a hollow chest, however, is that when you squeeze, you can feel the inside edges touching, sticking, and loosening, making it feel unreal.

WM Dolls suggested a good solution by filling the hollow breast dolls with super soft TPE material, which is very soft and gel-like consistency. Other suppliers followed suit and introduced more options for dolls. In addition, you can also select breathing function, heating function, vagina type and even vaginal hyma and uterus options!

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.