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For a long time, she couldn’t find a suitable girlfriend, so Guo Da bought a female robot named Cai Hua. She could tell the truth, do the laundry and cook – all in one sentence – and create the characters she liked: gentle, professional, warm and casual. At the time, people found this performance amusing. But now, more than 20 years later, the robot companion seems to be coming to life.



















“There’s a debate: Is there no love in artificial intelligence?” says Ik. Some people agree: what about the fools, my feelings are real. Some countered. Some claim that people are still interested in truth and error. In recent documentaries, there have been such debates, but unlike on paper, they are put into action in the subjects of the shows. The Night Before Tomorrow and The Day Before Tomorrow will include a total of four episodes. Themes, 50 minutes. Regardless of the small number, the content is actually quite sufficient. In just 50 minutes, various forms of commentary, factual reporting, character interviews, and opinion debates are covered, with each topic clearly presented. Each episode is heartfelt and heartfelt! I didn’t want to miss the topics, the technology was adequate, the great films were visually sensational, the content could be solid and the crew were absolute heroes.

The award-winning documentary team – Grain Media from the UK – visited nearly 20 countries a year later, filming some of the world’s leading scientists and controversial figures. With a certain idealism, they eschewed glamour and entertainment to look at the future of the world and the future of humanity from a more macro perspective. The four selected topics are people we wanted to talk about but didn’t. The host is the well-known Tsang Po-yee, whose beautiful and lively performance makes the film seem alive and real without being boring. In the first episode, Pauline Tsang and the production team travel to California to visit Matt McMullen’s company, the best love doll company in the world. But now they are working to turn the real dolls into artificially intelligent robots.

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