Consequences of the illegal rental of sex dolls

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 In view of the corona pandemic, not only theaters and bars must be closed, but also brothels and other places of sexual desire. Two businessmen cheat: Th ** K. And N ** G. Opened a new Loving Doll rental service in August. The women they employ are Sarah, Valerie and Alena. They are blonde, black and red, with large breasts and soft skin – after sex they sink!

Sexual desire should be released, but it must be legal and reasonable. Recently, the police announced a news that the police uncovered the flow of illegal rental of sex dolls. Since the operator lacked the necessary travel trade card, he had to close the business and was complained for violation of trade regulations.

Police in Kempten found traces of the illegal rental of sex dolls. Police said Monday that the operator had spoken to a man in the parking lot at night and showed him a picture of a half-naked woman. When the dealer told the man Sunday night that there were more drugs in his car, the person he was talking to felt contraband and called police.

Cell phone rental for sex dolls missing trip business cards
Emergency services determined that the suspect was operating a cell phone used to rent out sex dolls. According to a police spokesman, he was missing the necessary travel business cards. As a result, he had to close the store and received a complaint for violation of trade regulations.

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