Cleaning tpe sex dolls, are you doing it all right?

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Clean TPE sex dolls as follows.











1.Regular cleaning
Due to the nature of TPE material, the skin of the doll will become sticky and stained after a certain period of time. tpe sex dolls can absorb oil from our daily touches.

Both TPE and silicone materials can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap, and preferably should be thoroughly cleaned by bathing or showering about every 30 days. The following points should be noted.

Make sure that water does not enter through the neck and wet the stainless steel skeleton during the cleaning process. This is because it is very difficult for it to dry completely inside the manikin. It can also cause bacteria to multiply inside the doll and, in severe cases, corrode the internal skeleton, which can damage the doll.

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After washing with water, wipe with a clean towel and then dry naturally or blow lightly with cold air to remove any remaining water stains. After cleaning, apply talcum powder (talcum) to your doll. This will make your doll feel softer and last longer without sticking.

2.Wig Cleaning

If you need to clean the doll’s hair, take off the wig and wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Patience and care are required when cleaning so that the sex doll’s hair does not get tangled or knotted. After cleaning, it is advisable to let the wig air dry in a ventilated place before combing it slowly from top to bottom.

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