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A doll manufacturer headquartered in China occupies an important position in the world market. WM Dolls has experienced master craftsmen and artisans who design realistic dolls with their unparalleled skills. The WM Doll is currently the most authoritative figure in the adult toy sector. In recent years, it has upped its ante by investing heavily in upcoming projects. To expand their government radius, they directed their efforts to reach the global scale. As of now, they offer convenient transport and delivery services. Their transport covers the entire European region and a large part of the non-European continents.






Sino is a hub for experienced craftsmen, designers and artists working in the adult toy industry. Adult toys have many shades, and love dolls are also evident. But he has a very unique approach to adult dolls that is visible in the overall structure of his doll and has caught the attention of many. Platinum silicone resin is the main material used in the manufacture of the wrist. This is one of the highest level materials currently available. Making love dolls is an art for them and they take their art seriously. If not, its scope is almost global, covering almost the entire European region. It has a significant influence in most parts of Asia.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.