Chloe – A Cup Thin Waist Virgin Mini Sex Doll – 65cm

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Chloe Young Lovely Chubby Girl Long Hair Mini Sex Doll 65cm

Doll size
·Bust * Waist * Hip:28*26*35cm
·Foot length: 8 cm
·Vagina Depth: 10 cm


Background Story:

Chloe is a TPE sex doll with a height of 65cm. Chloe was leaning back with her eyes closed and 2 fingers in her cunt while her other hand teased her clit to an orgasm. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I slammed all the way into Jenn and spurted my spunk deep into her cunt. She kept fucking back at me as she used the muscles in her cunt to milk me dry.

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The new art of Japanese doll

In recent years, Japanese TPE sex doll culture has taken on a smaller climate, but with the popularity of big media, more and more people are becoming aware of physical dolls, but TPE sex dolls are still relatively hidden objects, so the first thing to consider is storage, living with others, communication methods and seclusion. If you do not want to engage in matchmaking (most groups have partner skydiving, solo skydiving, etc.). you can play with your love doll in peace! In addition to the privacy of the cardboard packaging of the sex dolls themselves, you can also use the sofa shown below to store the dolls. The weight of the realistic doll is about 25-38 kg. A simple artifact!

Let’s see how the party goes. If you want to shoot, you can dress up, clothes are important, but you don’t want everyone to know about it because there are problems with communication and face.anime dolls

Here are some examples of common strategies. Of course, the main communication role can be used as a reference. If you feel tired, you can just rent a separate room!

1: I am currently obsessed with art. I don’t want to model, I don’t want to go to the city to write!” .!

2: I’ve recently become obsessed with photography. DSLRs are too expensive. To avoid embarrassing the family, you should first test if you are the right one for the job with a TPE Real Doll!”. . Then you should get a DSLR! (Your eyes must be strong! You are the future!

3: The gender ratio is very bad in my generation. The old man hung up the phone. Now we can say that men are on the way to find a partner. As a young patriot who is more concerned with building a socialist edifice, I have decided to take a firm stand in the sex doll business, so I will buy one and go back to study it!” .

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