Chinese sex doll manufacturer uses 3D printing

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DS Doll China, one of the best sex doll manufacturers in the country, uses 3D printing to make boudoir style parts. The company manufactures 400-bespoke sex robot models monthly, and its high-quality live action dolls cost up to 5,000 US dollars. To increase productivity and speed, DS Doll uses 3D printing technology, which the company now uses to manufacture sex robots for customers around the world. 3D printing helps the company reduce material waste and development time, and enables the creation and design of specific, uniform shapes so that all doll parts are identical.

Sam, who works for the European flagship distributor Cloud Climax, says: “DS Doll uses 3D printers to produce many parts for prototype robot dolls.

“They are using this technology to improve the speed and processing time of their doll robots. While the castings used to have to be manufactured, we can now import and print them much faster.

“This technology is perfect for developing new doll bodies and faces because they can be developed from real people. This technology will be an integral and important part of manufacturing robots for the foreseeable future of playable DS dolls.

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