Celestina, Sexdoll-Journalistin

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SRSD brings you another sexy and real sex doll story. Discover the sexy story of Celestina, the popular sex doll on YouTube and Twitch.
My name is Turd Flinging Monkey, or “TFM” for short. I’ve been a YouTuber and Twitch host for many years. I mainly talk about the MGTOW philosophy (Men Going their Own Way) and host two weekly podcasts, The Turd Flinging Monkey Show, a Saturday night talk show, and TFM 420, a Wednesday morning news roundup where we comment on various articles of the week.








Being a controversial content creator on YouTube/Twitch, I’ve been anticipating the current trends in censorship and demonetization for years. I started diversifying my income through sponsored product reviews. However, a controversial channel like mine would not attract mainstream sponsors, and the only company willing to work with me on a permanent basis was Sexdoll.

There is a huge stigma against men when it comes to sex. A woman can have a drawer full of vibrators, but if a man has a pocket pussy or something else, he’s a ‘worm’. I’m happy to do my part to stigmatize male sexuality in my own way while preserving my ability to produce content when censorship and abolition eventually come my way.

About 6 months ago I acquired Celestina (a 165 cm WM doll with head #53) from a sex doll dealer for censorship purposes, and at first I didn’t think sex dolls would be much better to own and censor than the sex toys I was already making, but I was wrong. It’s not the sex that matters, it’s the non-sexual things like hugs, kisses, and cuddles. It wasn’t until I got Celestina that I realized how much I missed those things.

At first it was a sex video about what it was like to have her, but eventually she became my “sex doll journalist,” and when it came to articles, I made her the face of TFM News on topics related to sex dolls, robots and more.

I also started a series of new series about sex dolls, including a sex doll role-playing tutorial called Waifu Workshop. This is obviously very different from my earlier content, but by and large I’m still trying to destigmatize male sexuality, and a big part of that is normalizing and stigmatizing lifelike sex dolls.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.