Can you practice sex skills with a physical doll? Is it good for real sex?

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Micro Milk Anime Mini Sex Doll Guadalupe 135cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 4 / 135cm
·Weight:47.3Lbs / 21.5kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:21.2in*18.8in*29.9in / 54cm*48cm*76cm
·Hand length:14.9in / 38cm
·Foot length:7in / 18cm
·Vagina Depth:5.5in / 14cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Leg length:23.6in / 60cm


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Can you practice sex skills with a physical doll? Is it good for real sex?

Virgins are so hard…
A, who is still a virgin, has not yet had a girlfriend. He has never had any sexual experience and is always worried if he can do well… What if I get a girlfriend afterwards and I mess up? What if his girlfriend thinks he can’t do it…

It’s hard for working people…
B of social animals suffer from work every day… It’s hard to get home from work and just want to take a break, but his wife won’t let him rest. I had no choice but to get up from bed to give her some color… But because of fatigue, neither of them is satisfied…

Men are hard…
“A and B were thinking about this while searching the internet and found something like a physical doll.

Can you use a physical doll to improve your sexual performance? The author will talk about his thoughts on this issue next.

When it comes to sexual ability, there are four necessary conditions: “size, hardness, strength, and stamina”. The four conditions must be understood. Which one of these is most relevant to the entity doll?

First of all, the size should be skipped, because this is something determined by genetics, normally can not be changed.

Hardness is mainly something that is strengthened by physical exercise, and the use of physical dolls to exercise hardness will not be effective.

The saving is strength and durability. And the entity doll is related to these two.

The strength needed for sex is mainly the waist, hips, thighs, endurance and explosive power. These are certainly things that can be practiced through fitness in the gym. If you can’t go to the gym, then directly use the physical doll with a variety of postures to practice is also very useful.

Next on the lasting, which is affected by many factors. For example, the mental state, physical strength, experience, internal diseases and so on.
1. Mental state
Excessive tension often results in the inability to fight well and early surrender. Regular practice with the doll can eliminate and overcome the tension at the time.
2. Physical strength
If you are not physically fit, you will get tired after a little exercise and then want to finish early. As a result, you will be disarmed early. In this case, it is necessary to participate in sports regularly to exercise. In addition, the use of physical dolls to increase a special movement will be more effective.
3. Experience
Some people may think that because they use their hands for a long time, they will actually take a long time. Using your hands and the actual battle are two different things. The most important thing is to gain experience. Simulate sex with a physical doll, after experiencing doll sex many times, when to violently when to slow down and when to change positions all know by heart, the body will naturally give a response. This way the durability will increase significantly.
4. internal diseases
For example, inflammation of the prostate gland, certain diseases can have an impact on sex. Once infected with these diseases, the use of solid dolls alone can not be enough. You need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to cure the disease. After the disease is cured, you can think about sex! After all, health is the most important.

In conclusion.
The use of solid dolls is beneficial for sexual performance. The main reason is that regular use of the doll can drive away the nervousness of the scene, gain experience, and also exercise physical strength. Not only that, compared to using your hands, regular use of the doll to deal with sexual desire is also more beneficial to health.
However, overuse is not good. Whatever it is, it has to be appropriate. Because health is more important than anything else.

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