Can Recommend 155cm Mini Sex Doll

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I was surprised to see so many quick answers! In my opinion, this is lively and enthusiastic! Thank you for your welcome. Do you have any feedback on this brand? Do the 160 and 162 models look good to me? I began to realize the breadth of choices offered and the decision would become subtle. If you like beautiful, shapely and sexy women, I can recommend a Mini Sex Doll of 155 cm for you, which has the advantages of shapely legs and no thinness at all!

The more I dig, the more difficult the choice becomes; I plan to visit the showroom during the summer vacation (Bruno or Paris), because it seems that in addition to simple photos, I also need to experience a visual experience because they are so beautiful! I think it is really necessary to buy Bruno for the first time, because only you can express yourself by looking at and touching the doll, and you will get professional advice.

Guide you. Seeing a doll photo and seeing it in real life is different. That’s what it means to see so many choices, and you no longer know where to go. The most important black spot is weight, be careful. It’s best to visit in your favorite real shape and wear test based on weight. Unless you lift the doll, it won’t happen! 30 to 35 kg dolls are not a compact and sturdy object, ideal to try.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.