Can Full-figured Love Dolls Be Customized?

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When you buy a busty sex doll from the store it can be customized in any way you look. First, you will be given the choice of choosing a hair color. You can choose blonde hair, red hair, black hair, brown hair, and even different hairstyles. If you want you can choose to make your doll look like Billie Eilish, Jayne Cobb, or Kassandra Stone who has 1.1m views on youtube. Next, you will have an option to pick the eye color for your doll. You can pick from blue eyes, black eyes or green eyes. In some models of doll we even offer red eyes and other exotic colors so you can build your perfect fantasy doll. You can choose a yummy Asian girl doll with black hair and green eyes and a big booty if you want then continue creating her by picking a body type. We know that since you are reading this article busty dolls are what you prefer.

Next, you get to choose your dolls skin tone. You can make your doll have porcelain white skin and curly hair or you can choose a minority black sex doll, or a Japanese sex doll or a tan-skinned sex doll with a sugary tushy that you can bounce a quarter off of. There are 6 total skin tones for you to choose from. They go from pale white to ebony black.

You can also customize your busty sex doll’s pubic hair. Some men prefer smooth and bare pubic regions that have a youthful and fresh appearance. Other men prefer a well-trimmed but natural busy of pubic hair. The hair looks and feels truly natural if that is what you like. Then you get the option to pick your doll’s vagina style. You can get a sex doll with a fixed vagina that looks totally natural or you can get a more convenient removable insert for your young or mature voluptuous love doll’s vagina.

The removable insert makes cleaning a little bit easier in the opinion of many customers but feels free to go with whatever you prefer. If you choose a fixed vagina its especially important that you not share your doll with friends. Your doll is completely hypoallergenic and virgin made just for you. Yes, you can share more conveniently if you have a removable vagina though. Each guy could insert his own vagina before using the doll and everyone will be safe in that situation.

You even get a choice of your busty sex doll’s style of feet. Whether you choose tiny dolls that are 100 cm in height for sex doll fucking or a tall one you can pick to have her bolted feet secured to a platform that makes it easy to pose her like a standing mannequin if you choose or have her feet in the natural style that allows for more flexibility.

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