Mini Sex Doll + Can breast be enlarged by boyfriend’s hands?

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Before have little elder sister to ask: “my boyfriend say breast can more knead bigger, really be so?” Is that how guys trick their girlfriends into wearing boobs? If the breast knead knead big that even breast enhancement surgery why! But a touch sex doll porn from a loved one can also stimulate the body’s estrogen secretion, causing temporary swelling of the breasts.

Please pay attention! Here said caress is massage, male sex doll not rubbing the chest, not a man rubbing a woman’s chest, not rubbing their own chest.
Now it’s time to get serious, ladies, don’t be naive, real doll sex you know a guy will tell anything to get his hands on a boob. After all men are like happy trilogy: mua, rub, gnome male – “~

So why do men touch their breasts? Listen to talented and intimidating net friends how to say: “when I was a child milk did not eat enough, broke breast milk” “afraid of the third leg stand unstable, grasp something practical” ha ha ha ha!

Cough ~ come to the point, before proving whether sex doll pornhub a girl’s chest can be kneaded big first clear about the structure of the girl’s chest.

The breast basically consists of fat and mammary gland, unless you can endure ache, pinch the flesh hard swollen, otherwise silicone sex doll the adipose on the breast did not knead more possibility. Breast size is related to the amount of fat and male and female stimulation. The more estrogen is produced, the bigger the breasts.

So a lot of boys think that the chest can knead big, in fact, by touching the body to stimulate the secretion of estrogen cause robot sex doll the chest to temporarily rise, wait until the body recovers calm chest will change back to the original state.

The main ingredient of additional bosom is adipose, knead too diligently knead can cause adipose burning, still may cause bosom to shrink. But… Do not be disappointed, undertake correct massage to the chest can enhance pituitary, promote blood circulation, prevent the occurrence of a lot of chest diseases, sex doll inventor ensure the health of mammary gland tissue.

Chest development is a process, not one day suddenly become big or small, more won’t follow one’s incline suddenly big and small. In general, before the age of 18 to 20, the breasts of girls are usually fully developed, but this does not sex doll ownership an agenda for research mean that the breasts are so big. In addition to fat, hormonal changes, weight gain and loss, and poor weight-loss methods can also affect breast size.

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