Mini Sex Doll + Can boys wear skirts in such a hot summer?

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Physically speaking, boys should wear skirts more than girls in summer real size sexual dolls!

Because in summer, in addition to heat stroke, heart and cerebrovascular disease attack and other hazards, there is also a silicone sexual doll problem ignored by the majority of men:
Effects of high temperature on male reproductive health. The testicles, after all, are the most vulnerable part of a man.

Sometimes you just want to cross your legs and get caught. Wearing skinny jeans, taking a long step to rip an egg; Occasionally hit by external forces, it can be painful to doubt life.

Estimate you every time will send out soul torture: why testicles so fragile part, masturbators want to grow in the outside of the human body!

Well, there’s a reason your balls hang out of your body. Because balls and sperm are so hot! The optimum temperature for sperm to “live” is 35″C, while our internal body temperature can reach 37°C. The difference between these two degrees is enough Real doll korea to knock hundreds of millions of our children and grandchildren out of the water.

Studies have found that wearing tight underwear for a long time can lead to a rise in scrotal temperature, which in turn affects the physiological adult doll health of sperm. High testicular temperature is an important cause of varicocele and infertility.
So, for men, wearing a pair of skinny jeans or leather pants in summer, when the heat is already hard to lose, is a sure sign we’re boiling an egg in warm water.

However, in the modern man’s concept, no matter how hard it is to suffer children, no matter how poor he can not be poor in the crotch, sexy doll he would rather go topless, but also to maintain the decency of the lower half of the body.
But in fact, researchers at the University of Giessen in Germany studied the effect of not wearing underwear on scrotal temperature and found that not wearing underwear made the scrotum warm up more slowly during sedentary periods.

So the best way to keep our balls cool is to wear nothing at all. Of course, I know it’s impossible. So: pick a suitable bottom, for men’s health is very important silicone sex dolls feet. It should meet two requirements: loose, breathable fabric.
And finally, to keep your balls healthy,


In addition to wearing cool clothes, keep your lower body cool. Also pay attention to these bad habits, the health of eggs is not good:
1, sedentary: even if the work is busy again, every half an hour or an hour, stand up to go to the toilet, fetch water, doll sex touch a fish.
2, the temperature of the bath water is too high: it is generally recommended that the water temperature should not exceed 35 °C, and you can feel comfortable.
3, sauna: often sauna also prone to infertility.
4. Using hot devices such as laptops in the lap is also a reproductive health risk factor.

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