Mini Sex Doll + Can aphrodisiac food be aphrodisiac?

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Some men with erectile dysfunction, rather than take the little blue pill, choose to take aphrodisiac foods to boost their sexual performance real size sexual dolls.
And in the “aphrodisiac menu” must not lack these several: all kinds of whips, all kinds of kidneys, leeks, oysters, yams, soak for many years of secret pharmaceutical wine…
Eating these, can really “increase the fighting force” one night erotic dolls?

First, to whip “whip”, in fact, is a psychological aphrodisiac
Since ancient times, sex toys for men, the Chinese people have been pursuing all kinds of “Yang tonic products” with a long history. And “shape complement shape” is more deeply rooted in people, such as eating pig imagination brain, drinking bone soup calcium, eating fish eyes and so on.
And in terms of improving male sexual ability, it is to whip up “whip masturbators”, that is, through the consumption of various animal whips to aphrodisiac.

In fact, can these animal whips really complement male whips?
Actually, what the whip of the animal points to is penis adults only toys, look from physiology Angle, the organization of its itself is epidermis, blood vessel, cavernous body only, do not contain special nutrient composition and sex hormone. For example, deer penis, because it is similar to venison and has a certain warming effect, in fact, does not have a special aphrodisiac effect.

Whether it is sheep’s whip, ox’s whip, donkey’s whip or dog’s whip, more than 90% of it is made up of collagen, and a bowl of whip soup is not of high nutritional value due to the small amount consumed at one time. At the same time, the male hormones adult silicone doll contained in these whips are also destroyed by heat.
Whipping is more of a psychological therapy, and has not been confirmed by authoritative clinical studies. From the psychological point of view, most of the clinical existence of sexual function disease, more or less all have certain psychological problems. Their consumption of whips, supported by the ancient theory of “form complements form”, inflatable girl sex has helped most people gain confidence in their sexual abilities, thus “recovering” their sexual dysfunction.

In this sense, whips actually act as a placebo.

Two, kidney kidney, careful more complement more “loss”

How many people always order skewers of kidneys at a barbecue? Kidney is also famous “fill Yang product”, in the whip food “overturned”, kidney “zhuang Yang” effect and how? Most people believe that kidneys contain male hormones and adrenal corticosteroids, which can enhance sperm motility and improve libido doll for session. However, some doctors pointed out that animal viscera and sex organs contain some male hormones, but the levels are so low that it is not practical to rely on them as an aphrodisiac.
Moreover, if the human body eats some animal kidneys contaminated with heavy metals, it is not a problem to eat them vaginal for men once or twice. But if long-term consumption, heavy metals may precipitate in the human body, excretion can not go out, and eventually lead to male fertility decline.
So the male compatriots who like to eat kidneys should be careful, careful more and more “loss”, but ultimately the opposite.

Three, oyster: aphrodisiac world star
In the “aphrodisiac menu”, oysters are the “hot star”. For the oyster aphrodisiac, vagina pussy real sizes give out the “basis” is that the mineral zinc in the oyster is rich, can promote the production of sperm. Oysters and most aquatic products, are rich in zinc food, and zinc has an important role in gonad health, zinc deficiency can cause children growth and development delays, resulting in short stature, male development disorders. #sex games Zinc does benefit reproductive development and sperm production, but there is no evidence that zinc intake improves sexual performance in men.
In addition to aquatic products, nuts are a good source of zinc dolls for adults. If you want zinc, you can also eat nuts rather than oysters as an aphrodisiac food.
It is worth mentioning that oysters are rich in nucleic acids and purines, TPE sex doll, which can easily lead to gout if eaten in large quantities, so men should eat less.

Leek: the king of aphrodisiac
See here, do you think animals, seafood are “overturned”, leek certainly will not overturn it, after all, it is “the king of aphrodisiac”!
From modern nutrition point of view, eat leek more indeed benefit, for example: 1, enhance appetite leek contains sulfur compound and plant aromatic volatile oil, can promote appetite. 2, rich in nutrition, leeks are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as carotene, folate, magnesium and so on, are essential nutrients for the human body. 3, smooth defecation leek dietary fiber content is rich, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, keep stool unobstructed, prevent constipation.

For Chinese chives aphrodisiac, there are two – one is that Chinese chives contain zinc, two is that Chinese chives contain vitamin C, vagina pussy real sizes, which helps enhance immunity and is good for the body. In fact, the zinc content in leeks is quite low, just 0.25mg/100g, which is even lower than that of vegetables such as broccoli, which has 0.46mg/100g. Vitamin C is contained in leek really, can raise human body immunity, but this and male sex function do not have direct connection. And vitamin C content is inferior to Chinese cabbage, and there is no advantage, not to mention leek aphrodisiac. Nevertheless sex doll torso leek still belongs to the vegetable with more abundant nutrition, can eat some more appropriately.

It is better to rely on yourself than to eat
The so-called “aphrodisiac food tonic” is deceptive, you think it is in the body, in fact is in the “heart”. Instead of trying to improve your sexual performance through various supplements, you should exercise. There is no need to seek out various aphrodisiac foods. About exercise, here to introduce a method of exercise – Kegel movement. Back in 1952, male masturbator when the exercise was invented, Dr. Kegel published research showing that kegel exercises can improve men’s sexual performance and help them to ejaculate longer. A subsequent study of 55 men who had had trouble getting an erection found that after six months of exercise, 40 percent of the men reported that their erections had returned.

So, what do you do with Kegels?
Step one, find the pelvic floor muscles. Try to hold back the flow of urine as you urinate. If it stops, it means you’ve found your pelvic floor muscles. Second, lie on your back and relax. Place your hands on your stomach and focus on contracting your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds at a time. If you hold for less than 5 seconds at first, shrink for 2-3 seconds, then slowly increase the time. Step 3: Contract for 5 seconds, relax for 10 seconds, vagina then contract and relax again. It is recommended to do three sets per day, alternating one set of contraction and relaxation repeats 10 times. Once you’re good at it, you can practice standing or sitting, on a bus or anywhere else.

What if it doesn’t work out? That may require the help of a professional doctor.

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