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Yang Dongyue is one of the exhibitors of Shanghai International Adult Exhibition. At the age of 34, he established a physical silicone doll factory in Dalian. In his early years, he studied in Japan. Started to earn the first bucket of life in Japan in 2006 by operating luxury goods. Three years later, he focused on inflatable (actually silicone) love dolls and established a research and development team. Until now, the maximum monthly output can reach 400. The development of the business exceeded Yang Dongyue’s imagination. Orders from home and abroad challenged the capacity of the factory. But Yang Dongyue was not satisfied with this: “Our products must enter the homes of ordinary people.”











In the EXDOLL forum in Dalian, buyers who loved love dolls shared their experiences. In the forum, the ratio of men and women was 64.74% and 35.26% respectively. For some buyers, they projected their true feelings onto the dolls, and the sex dolls also brought them spiritual satisfaction.

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