Buy Sex Dolls During Corona Lock

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During the corona lock-in period, more and more singles and couples bought sex dolls.




When asked, several Australian manufacturers confirmed that the number had risen sharply due to various lock-in measures. In some cases, weekly sales have doubled from before the lock-in. An employee of another sex shop was quoted as saying, “It’s hard for us to keep up. Dolls are like hot cakes.”

At the same time, the sale of children’s dolls is restricted for 2020. In Germany, the use of small dolls with a height of less than 140 cm and faces aimed at infants and toddlers is taboo. Customs cannot pass on this article. We guarantee that child dolls will not be sold as a matter of principle, but this depends on market effects.

According to reports, not only have singles who are looking for dummy contact bought more sex dolls, but the manufacturer’s data shows that couples have also often bought sex dolls. Vietnamese prefer orders with a social pornographic background: “Unfortunately, one of my customers couldn’t get an erection due to illness, so he built a male doll for his beloved wife.” Let the woman decide in advance how the penis should be designed Size.

We can see that this epidemic is not only having a positive impact on the industry: While online sales are increasing, transport-related problems continue to arise. For example, if certain dolls are to be shipped internationally, they have to wait longer than a week for transfer time. In addition, there are always problems with customs.

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