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High Quality Silicone Mini Sex Doll Alani 102cm

Doll size
·Height:3ft 3 / 102cm
·Weight:31.5Lbs / 14.3kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*14.5in*23.6in / 52*37*60cm
·Hand length:N
·Foot length:5.3in / 13.5 cm
·Vagina Depth:6.1in / 15.5 cm
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N


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Laughing at the discovery of a ‘dead woman’ in a rented room in China! When the police arrive, you don’t think it’s a love doll?

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Just a few days ago, the New Taipei Police Station in Changzhou, China, received a report of a murder. The caller, Ms Zhao, was told that a dead woman had been found under her bed in her room, and the police arrived on the scene immediately.

According to the investigation, the man renting Ms. Zhao’s spare room was a man named Mr. Wang.

A few days ago, Mr. Wang contacted Mr. Zhao about a broken pipe in the toilet, and then Mr. Zhao arrived at the scene with a repairman. But while he was checking the cause of the pipe failure, he suddenly looked under the bed and found something terrible! It looked like a dead woman who hadn’t moved at all.

Moreover, there was no strange smell, and Mr. Zhao guessed that there was no blood, and she might have just died of poisoning. The repairman was also very frightened, and the two of them were in a tense atmosphere. Mr. Zhao, who calmed down immediately, took out his mobile phone and reported the incident to the police as a murder.

Shortly afterwards, the police arrived at the scene and, after making some observations, discovered that it was actually an adult love doll… Revealed…

Here is a shot of the scene. ↓

Mr. Zhao laughed in embarrassment when he found out the truth. I didn’t know that young people nowadays use such high-tech stuff. I guess I’m getting old, hahaha…” Zhao said awkwardly.

The author would like to insist that it is better to store love dolls when they are not in use.

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