But I Want To Know The Size And Weight Of Real Mini Sex Dolls

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I was born in 1980, I am 36 years old, I am 170 and 68kg. I exercise, I practice rowing and mountain biking. I am also a musician. I play the violin (17 years old), the drum (I am a beginner), and I sing. I like photography. I am single, but unfortunately, in my experience, I still keep a real Mini Sex Doll.

After 9 years of analysis, I only recently realized that my fantasy is to have a dumb woman with no desire … Of course I wish it was beautiful. I would have found this object to be very large. I’m afraid of women. With this discovery, I have this kind of illumination, so I feel free to release myself, so I think of them differently. Therefore, I’m not so fascinated by it and more dependent on it less.

I haven’t bought a doll yet, but I’m close. I’m not afraid to invest for my first purchase, but I want to know the size and weight of real Mini Sex Dolls. For example, in “WMdolls”, my favorite dolls are about 1m60 and 36kg … but I worry that it is too heavy and it will ruin the fun.

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