Boys like the performance of a person, how to distinguish

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It is said that the feelings of people are impulsive, so no matter how sensible the boys, when love comes will be deer in the headlights, so I will talk about the performance of boys like a person, girls how to distinguish it.

Boys like a person’s performance
Inexplicable concern. Boys like a person, when the person they like encountered a problem, or unhappy mood, boys will become agitated. Then will make a move of concern. Will be invisible to give the person you like a kind of care.
Sometimes, you can feel him watching you silently. But when you go to look at him, he pretended to be inattentive again, turn his face to talk to others. If you have such a man around you, always in the intentional deep look at you, that he is interested in you oh.

Always ask you questions. The boys who always love to ask you questions and nothing to run to you, or a few people together, more inclined to speak with you, sometimes avoiding other people and enjoy talking to you alone. When the holidays will remember to send you at least a text message or send a small gift or something like that, in front of you very careful image problems, always want to leave the best side of you.

Do not dare to look directly at each other. Boys like a person is afraid to look directly at each other, the eyes will always escape, to avoid eye contact with each other. When distinguishing just stare at each other to see if the other party dares to look at themselves all the time, whether the eyes will be left and right uncertain, whether they will look embarrassed

The voice becomes soft. Boys chat with people they like, and when they speak, their voices become softer, and sometimes they become lower. Also prefer physical contact with you, usually hands, first and foremost, must also be hands. Men have their favorite type of girl, the type is more, and choose the same goods, but there is always the same he does not like, but also no feeling, he must not want.

Awe-inspiring. The face of a girl like, when in front of her when the boy’s reaction will become somewhat sluggish, and even some restraint, it no longer seems so great. A little shy when you see you are eager to look at you more, but will always deliberately avoid you, not to let you find, a little bold, generally will stare at you non-stop.

See you and other boys chat will be jealous. When he sees you and other boys are chatting, he will pretend that he does not care, but will not turn his eyes to stare at the boy, you see when he will quickly turn his head to the other side, if the boy is not his good friend, he will never pay attention to him.

Care about what you say about him
Men for do not care about things, generally will behave indifferent, more regardless of how others evaluate themselves. But in the face of a girl crush, he cares a lot about your evaluation of him. You praise him two sentences, he will be happy to find the north. You scold him two sentences, he will be depressed for a few days. So concerned about your thoughts, certainly secretly in love with you!

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