Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM – Sex Doll Background Story

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Jack lounged by the resort pool, eyes hidden behind sunglasses. His gaze drifted over bikini-clad women but none held his interest. Until he saw her.
She emerged from the water, droplets cascading down her curvy body. Her blue bikini left little to the imagination, revealing full breasts that swayed gently as she walked. His eyes were drawn to the nipple rings peeking through her bikini top.
Jack sighed, adjusting his suddenly tight swim trunks. He had to meet this mysterious beauty.
He strolled over as she sat at the pool bar. “Hi, I’m Jack.”
She turned. “Alaina.” Up close, she was even more stunning. Her pale skin glowed against her bikini and nipple rings.
“Can I buy you a drink?” Jack asked.
Alaina’s full lips curved into a smile. “Why not?”
They talked and laughed, bonding over cocktails in the shade. Alaina’s hand drifted onto Jack’s thigh, fingers inching up. His trunks grew uncomfortably tight.
“Want to continue this in my room?” Alaina purred, grazing his ear with her teeth.
“Definitely.” Jack gripped her hand, leading her away.
In his room, Alaina shoved him onto the bed. “I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” She straddled him, breasts barely contained by her bikini top, nipple rings visible through the thin fabric.
Jack groaned, hands sliding up her smooth back to untie her top. Her full breasts spilled free, nipple rings glinting in the light.
“Beautiful,” he breathed, claiming a nipple ring between his teeth.
Alaina gasped, grinding against him. “Take me now, Jack.”
Jack eagerly complied. They moved together in a passionate embrace, cries of pleasure mingling with the sounds of the ocean outside.
Later they lay entwined, satiated. “That bikini should be illegal,” Jack said, kissing Alaina deeply.
She laughed. “Then I’ll just have to wear it more often.”
Jack grinned, pulling her in for another steamy kiss. This was going to be an unforgettable vacation.

Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM

Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM
Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM

Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM

Blue Bikini Sex Doll Alaina Kristar 158CM

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