Big Breast Christmas Mini TPE Sex Doll Brenna 130cm 4ft 2

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Big Breast Christmas Mini TPE Sex Doll


Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:41.2Lbs / 18.7kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:27.1in*16.9in*25.9in / 69cm*43cm*66cm
·Hand length:19.2in / 49cm
·Foot length:6.2in / 16cm
·Vagina Depth:6.6in / 17cm
·Anal depth:5.9in / 15cm
·Oral depth:5.9in / 15cm

Brenna wants to spend Christmas with you

Brenna is a mini sex doll, what she wants most for Christmas is you. She waited so long before you could give her the gift she wanted. Every night, she dreams of you taking off her clothes and giving her your penis. She always feels it through your jeans, but she wants to hold it in her hand, lick it with her tongue, and then penetrate it deep into the vagina. You can give her the perfect Christmas present this year and every year. Do you want to spend Christmas with Brenna this sex doll fuck?

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How to choose a physical sex doll
At present, there are so many kinds of TPE dolls in China. How to choose Mengxin is basically impossible to analyze rationally. This article will share with you the experience discussed by relevant practitioners in the Oushu forum group and veterans who have stepped through the thunder pit.

Five points to note when entering the pit:

1: Consult customer service, whether to support self-pickup. Of course, this author does not really want to mention new ones, but to see whether this baby merchant has a factory to produce independently, and some baby merchants are OEMs. As for the difference between OEM and independent production, you can download it in this group. How long does it take to produce a silicone doll?” File browsing science;

2: Ask the skeleton. Ask whether the hands and feet can be turned up and down, and whether the skeleton supports shrugging. If not, it means playing the remaining production process five years ago.

3: Consult the full name of the baby business company. For example, XXXXX Co., Ltd., log in to Tianyan to check the information of this baby business enterprise.

4: Material issues, TPE is classified into 4 levels of materials;

①Food grade: with EU SGS material verification report, report result: qualified, test purpose: Doll material toxicity test report, whether it is qualified.

②Industrial grade: long-term use, harmful to the human body, common skin disease, sweat spot [dermal moss] is the most common (cannot pass EU SGS material verification);

③Recycled grade: usually use scrapped, broken dolls that cannot be sold, disassembled and thrown into the furnace to remake. This material has a feature, even if it is made into general soft [the most common softness of TPE, without softening]. Will emit a pungent smell.

④Recycling and cleaning level: Buy the dolls recovered from the recycling bin back to the manufacturer, wash them, touch up the makeup, and resell them after dyeing. Generally, this kind of doll dealer has a characteristic.

There are skin color (such as normal skin, pink skin, and dark brown skin) and TPE softness (TPE softness classification: normal soft, slightly soft, super soft, abnormal soft) in the customization of dolls. The manufacturer will reject your customization because it cannot be changed;

There are many young people who dare not defend their rights after being fooled, instead of not wanting to defend their rights. If you exclude some people who do more than less, you will suffer a loss. In fact, it is unnecessary.

Entry process:

Before buying: Ask for the physical video, including the pictures of the sealed box before the delivery of the other baby, to avoid the cover P picture killing, and explain to the customer service that if the goods are found to be out of the box, or serious deviations, or some other problems, I have the right to apply for after-sales Rights protection, including but not limited to refunds, returns, claims, etc.

Before payment: confirm that the doll has been sealed

Before signing: open the box to the customer service and find that the goods are not on the right board, or are severely deviated, or some other problems, I have the right to apply for after-sales rights protection, including but not limited to refunds, returns, claims, etc., please confirm, you can always refund and return before signing , Regardless of whether the doll has been made, remember to keep transaction records and purchase chat records.

Before unpacking: take out the phone, if possible, it is best to open the video when the courier knocks on the door (of course, most of the baby owners still move upstairs with the courier brother and then hand the courier brother a glass of water and a cigarette haha) The condition is to start recording from the box. First go around for a week to collect evidence without opening, then take out the utility knife and start unpacking. Remember that the entire box is on the screen. The recording must be completed at one time. If it is WYSIWYG, it is worthy of the half to one month construction period. Of course hardship is better.

If the car is overturned and it does not match the picture or the video description provided by the manufacturer, please calm down first, do not move the baby out, first communicate with the customer service, of course, usually to no avail, then click on the return, Tmall or Taobao let the shop Xiaoer intervene and explain Facts, abiding by the law to resolve disputes and make use of 12315.

Regarding material safety issues:

I would like to ask, how good the materials are claimed by the baby business, and why are they not daring to send them to pass the EU SGS material review?

Why? For example, after the EU SGS test report is qualified, its staff will not notify the surprise inspection to check whether the doll manufacturer is in production, and replace it with unqualified materials to make dolls. If the doll manufacturer has this behavior, it will be exposed and tested in China. The organization is like a mirrored flower.

Regarding the price, a TPE doll with a safe material and a qualified skeleton, a big baby [150 or more is considered a big baby], basically requires a transaction price of 5K or more [and does not include the option of customized money addition].

Toxic TPE is like copycat BJD dolls made of toxic resin. Moreover, most of the doll owners who enter the pit of physical dolls use the baby as a comfort for a person to wander outside and sleep on the skin.

Finally, some suggestions about doll configuration:
Standing: The non-standing version lacks the disadvantages of standing clean and impossibly penalized for standing

Chest: If you accidentally drop a baby or touch a sharp object, the hollow breast may turn into an airport. The solid breast is like a ball and is too hard. Soft breast milk is recommended.

Head makeup customization: You can start with eye pupils, wigs, eye shadow shades, lip colors, and nails.

Bionic body makeup: buy according to the wallet, anyway, like the time-limited fashion in the game, it disappears when it expires

Smart heating: Regarding the accuracy of the current temperature control electronic hardware provided by the baby factory, please take your life
Intelligent Voice: In fact, it is a repeater

Finally, after entering the pit, remember to ask the manufacturer for baby scraps to test whether the baby clothes are dyed.

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