Best Webcam Angles That Will Make Your Audience Go Crazy

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Camming has become a national sensation, with more girls jumping in front of the lens to show off their bodies. Recording yourself while doing sexual acts have become a profitable business for many online sex workers.

As the market is flooded with gorgeous girls, the competition to reach the top is even more fierce. Models are taking the craft of livestream sexual performance extremely serious. The more flattering your camera angles are, the more engaging your content is.

Online intimate models (Webcam Angles) should look attractive to her viewers. Even the most perfect body can look wobbly when the lens is pointed at the wrong angle. Experimenting with different angles is important to a cam girl’s career. As women attract their audiences by flaunting their assets and making their bodies look flattering.

Before we get into the different Webcam Angles, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the right camera equipment. This will include decent lighting, high-quality cameras, a tri-pod, and some USB cables.

Here are a few examples of the best webcam angles that is guaranteed to get the clients streaming in and paying to see more.

Let’s not kid ourselves, some viewers are only there for the boobs. If you are blessed with gorgeously voluptuous breasts, then flaunt it. A straight view or your torso, with your breasts getting full attention is enough to make audience members go crazy.

The closer you can get your breasts to the lens, the better. You can even crop the top half of your face out. As long as your boobs are in full focus, your viewers won’t be able to switch it off.

Place your camera on a tripod. Turn the camera angle (Webcam Angles) in such a way that there is a full view of your body on a bed, couch, or floor. Make sure that the tripod is at a slight height, as an angle from the top is much more flattering than from the bottom.

A full body view is excellent if you don’t want your audience to miss any important bits. It will take some extra work on your part to be at your best when people livestream from so this one should be kept in mind.

Place the camera on its back on the floor or on the bed. Let it shoot you from below while you are on your knees. Remember to arch your back and your hands and arms to your back. Try not to take your head out of the shot, even though it will be hiding behind your breasts.

The lens will point directly at your boobs, which will look much larger while de-emphasizing your tummy.

Get extra creative by placing the cam underneath a glass table, let your imagination go wild with what you can do to entice your audience from this angle.

If you really want to go pro, have a multiple camera set up. Arrange a few cameras around your bedroom to give your audience a full 360 gaze. This works great while you are on all fours on the bed playing with your favorite girly gadgets.

Click here for tips on a multi-camera streaming set up.

Place your camera at a height where it will be able to focus directly on your bottom when you are bent over. It should be at such a webcam angle that only your butt cheeks, lower part of your back, and your hamstrings are in view.

This goes for a full-on frontal view as well. If you want your audience to focus only on one spot of your body, give them an extreme close up.

Don’t underestimate the backdrop of your recording. Always make sure that you have texturized blankets and pillows on the bed, that are clean.

Practice will make perfect, before you click the ‘record’ button. Have a look at yourself on screen and play around with different angles and views. What works for one cam girl, won’t necessarily work for you.

Find webcam angles that are most flattering to the assets you have and flaunt them in the best way possible. Your audience will go crazy when you go live.

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