Articulated Fingers Add-on for MINI SEX DOLLs

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WM Doll team has finally responded to the demands of their doll users and has decided to offer articulated fingers with their full size dolls. The new hand skeleton & articulated fingers upgrade is now available for dolls from three renowned brands i.e. WM, YL Doll and OR Doll. However, presently this upgrade is only available for TPE dolls that are 140cm and taller.

If you are fed up of metal wire fingers poking through the tips and stiff doll hands, then the new articulated hand is the answer to all your woes! The hand skeleton is devised carefully to offer added strength to the doll fingers and protect fingers from breaking easily.

Apart from added strength, now the doll fingers can be easily posed to form various gestures which was not possible with the old metal-wire fingers. Watch the video demonstration of articulated fingers to learn more:

Articulated fingers is a much-needed update for doll enthusiasts and collectors across the globe. WM doll brand has lived up to its reputation and this new add-on features is a pleasant gift to the entire love doll community.

The?new hand skeleton upgrade?is designed with strong metal joints and rounded metal tips to prevent them from poking through the finger skin. This is definitely a big relief for the entire adult love doll community and is a fascinating upgrade over the old metal-wire fingers.


  1. Articulated fingers are available as a premium add-on for TPE dolls only.
  2. This add-on feature is only available for dolls that are 140 cm or taller.
  3. All three doll brands i.e.?WM, OR and YL?now offer this upgrade.
  4. New add-on finger upgrade is not compatible with old WM dolls and thus, can’t be changed or upgraded.
  5. There are no copper metal wires and finger skeleton are made of metal.
  6. Articulated fingers can’t be tangled.
  7. Range of finger movement is almost the same as old wire hands.
  8. Hand movement range is 95% similar to a human hand. This allows upward and downward hand movements. Outside and inside forearm rotation is also possible with the new articulated fingers.

We have updated all our?full-size?WM,?OR?and?YL MINI SEX DOLLs?to offer this new upgrade. You can find the same under our ‘ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES” on the doll page.

Say no to messy wire fingers and get yourself a new OR, YL or WM?real doll with upgraded articulated hands now!

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