Are TPE Dolls All Entry-level Mini Sex Dolls?

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All TPE dolls are entry-level Mini Sex Doll without the “top” quality dolls made of TPE. There is no repair shop, so he is not at its best for product quality. I’m not saying to break the trademark or anyone’s trademark because I sell the trademark myself, but for me it’s important to point it out. TPE dolls are economical dolls. TPE costs less than silicone and is compressible, while silicone is incompressible, so stress on the skeleton is less.

These points, combined with less efficient materials, make it possible to make “cheap” dolls. Even though TPE is more stretchable than most silicones, it is still brittle, breaks quickly, and resists friction. Because bone quality is often poor, tears for TPEs usually form from the inside to the outside of the doll. If powdered, the feel of TPE is pleasing. It depends on how we use it.

If the legs are to be made occasionally or in the air, these dolls can provide these services without being expensive. If you want quality dolls, durable and reliable dolls, then TPE dolls are not suitable. With regard to silicones, we must be careful because some entry-level products are worthless. The serious brand of silicone dolls starts at around € 3,000. Therefore, not all scholarships are available.

Take the time to educate yourself, identify the issues it involves and the pitfalls to avoid, then choose the model that makes you different. Given the order / manufacturing / delivery time, don’t worry, so please take the time to educate yourself and even find your place by visiting the showroom. There doesn’t seem to be a showroom, and it’s really nice to touch it, but yes, I don’t want to invest so much money without thinking about it.

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