Are sex dolls affordable?

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These amazing beauties are affordable. Although they are not cheap, they are affordable. The price ranges from 1,000 euros and for custom dolls with more intricate details, the price can reach up to 3,000 euros.





Buying sex dolls is more expensive than buying normal sex toys, but more complicated and requires more energy and energy. You will also have a very different full-body experience. It’s as simple as that. You can also choose your preferred body shape, face, skin colour, eye colour, etc. This is a big, individual human-sized “toy”, but its meaning is much more than that, because you can bring it to life in your own personal way.

With the advent of different sex dolls in the market, you can choose almost any style you want and the best part is that you can control the development of this relationship. “Forever happiness” can really become your reality.

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