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Are mini sex dolls legal?

One of the questions we’re sometimes asked is if Mini Love Dolls are legal. The short answer is yes. Mini Love Dolls are legal in most countries where sex toys and sex dolls are legal. Although Mini Love Dolls are small, we’ve taken great care to ensure that they are not considered to be illegal or obscene and that their design specifically includes adult proportions and features. This is not an issue we take lightly so we’ve contacted customs officials within every country we serve to ensure that Mini Love Dolls are legal. To avoid any legal complications, Mini Love Dolls can only be ordered by customers who live in countries where we believe our dolls are legal. As a testament to our efforts, we’ve been shipping Mini Love Dolls all over the world for 10 years without a single incident.

To better understand why Mini Love Dolls are legal, we’ll explain what makes some dolls illegal. Although it goes without saying, child-like sex dolls are considered to be obscene by most of the western world. While few countries have exact laws that prohibit child-like sex dolls specifically, they are considered to be obscene and therefore illegal. There is some concern that obscenity laws are ambiguous, so we spoke to customs officials all over the world to find out how they determine what is and is not obscene. It turns out that their guidelines are very simple. To be legal, a sex doll may not resemble the size, features, and weight of a child. However, large breasts on a childlike doll do not make them legal. We were also told that dolls manufactured in China and Japan are flagged by customs and held for inspection as most of those companies are known to produce child-like sex dolls. Ultimately, we’ve found there to be very little ambiguity in how customs officials interpret the laws in their prospective countries

To find out if we ship to your country, check out our Shipping page for additional information as well as our Questions and Answers page.

If you have any questions about the legality of Mini Love Dolls in your country, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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