An overview of the process of making sex doll

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People only know how to buy real erotic dolls, but do they also know how to make these lifelike erotic dolls? The procedure is time-consuming and very complex. The production is time consuming and very complicated. I can imagine that many people admire the craftsmanship of the East when they hear this.

The production of sex dolls is fraught with uncertainties

Apart from the optical differences caused by the different height and size, there is not much that differs optically, but in reality it is not quite the same. The production of silicone dolls is fraught with complexity and uncertainty.

The process made of silicone is expensive and complex. From the production of the metal skeleton to the filling of the foam, everything must be handled carefully – the metal joints must be in the middle of the silicone, otherwise inferior products may occur. No one wants to buy a sexual partner who suffers from joint exotosis or nail fungus.

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Putting the soul in a sex doll

This also includes the later silicone mold, which must not be the smallest bit off, otherwise it must be abandoned. The whole process begins with modeling the face, shaping, trimming the body details, putting together and pouring, transferring the corresponding image and personality to the doll, as if praying for her and planting her soul.

The factory manager told me that only one doll can be made a day. The most important thing is that the curing of the silicone usually takes six to eight hours, and this process is usually carried out at night so as not to interfere with other processes. The employees come to work in the morning, open the mold and a living doll is ready.

Most dolls are custom made

Making the face and body of the doll beautiful is only a basic requirement. The dolls are also crowned with different breast shapes, from flat to large breasts, and provided with lower body hair according to customer requirements.

People want a perfect sexual partner

What the dolls have in common is the lack of a mane, and the result depends on the consumer’s definition of perfection.

“People aren’t perfect. “The imaginary other half of every human being lives easier than himself.

The silicone doll is in a way a symbol of the perfect “body”.

There are no pores, no scars, no supposed blemishes that stick to most human bodies. But with silicone dolls you don’t want to see these problems.

In another sense, what people want is not a real person, but a human companion.

But when it comes to real silicone dolls, the attitude of the outside world is rather ambiguous and serious.

For the factory, the starting point for making a doll is to create a partner and do something about the loneliness of modern man. It may contain sex, but it does not exist only as a sexual product.

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