Among hair transplant dolls or wig dolls, which one is better? Buyer’s Guide!

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So, you have finally made up your mind to buy a sex doll, but are confused in choosing whether you want to buy an implant doll or a doll with a wig. We are here to help you make an informed decision, read the details given below carefully and make an informed purchase. Dolls do have very different directions for their hair. There are two main hair options, including wigs and hair transplants.










Now what is the difference between these two? As the name implies, implanted or transplanted hair means fixed or solid hair that cannot be replaced. On the other hand, a wig is simply a design element that includes removable hair that is placed on top of the head of a sex doll to give it a perfectly feminine look. Let’s discuss this in more detail to help you make a decision you will never regret.

(a) The focus of this article is to compare wigs and hair transplant dolls and to give you a quick read.

Wig dolls are usually cheaper, while transplant dolls are relatively more expensive.

Wig dolls are usually made of TPE and transplanted dolls must have at least a silicone head.

Wig dolls are easy to clean and wash because their wigs can be removed, while transplant dolls have permanent hair that you need to wash every time you clean the doll.

Transplant dolls tend to be more realistic and detailed compared to wig dolls.

You can easily change the appearance of a wig doll by replacing the wig, while transplanted dolls have a unique and heavy look.

Wig dolls have a tenuous control over their hair, while transplanted dolls have a firm control over their hair because they are properly implanted in the head.



In general, most dolls with wigs are TPE love dolls, which are affordable dolls. Because these wigs are made of synthetic polymers and because of the ease of synthesis, these wigs are cheaper. This combination of low cost TPE dolls and cheaper wigs makes it easier for almost everyone to choose TPE dolls with wigs. Most people who want the cutest sex dolls on an affordable budget are advised to buy a sex doll with wig.

Easy to clean

A love doll needs proper care and you often need to follow standard hygiene practices to bathe her and keep yourself clean and sterile. This is why, taking care of a sex doll is a hassle because you have to clean her after every intercourse and then give her a bath. So, in this case, if your doll has a wig that can be easily removed, you can more easily wash the doll without having to soak her hair in the bathtub. This will save a lot of time and reduce the hassle of washing your hair every day.

Not very realistic

Because wigs are not fixed, and in extreme unpleasant interactions, you often have to deal with the problem of falling out of your doll’s wig. This makes the situation less realistic. Remember, we’re not talking about the nature of sex dolls, but we’re focusing on your love doll’s wig. So you can classify wigs as less realistic dolls than hair implants.

Compatible with TPE heads

In general, the experience of people who have hair transplants on TPE heads is not exciting, and more people prefer wigs because they are not the right combination. Therefore, in general, we can say that wigs are suitable for TPE dolls, and in the case of using TPE heads, you will have a better experience with wigs compared to hair implanted in TPEs. This is due to the nature of TPE, as it is not very supportive in the case of implanted hair.

Immediate change in appearance

One of the biggest advantages of wigs is that you will never get tired of your beloved doll’s hairstyle. Your doll has endless possibilities to adapt to the particular hairstyle you prefer. There are a variety of hairstyles, such as curly, straight, long and short. In addition, you can choose to change from blonde to brunette or any other hair color you like by simply ordering a specific wig online. Once your doll has changed its hairstyle, you now have a completely different character. This may be the best option for someone who likes to switch between different hairstyles and wants a different style for a loved one after a few months.

Hair Transplant

Implanted or transplanted hair dolls have fixed hair that is mounted or fixed to the head and cannot be replaced. Now, we will discuss transplanted hair dolls and what is an effective way for you to buy them.

Expensive and compatible with silicon magnetic heads

First of all, hair transplant dolls are more expensive than other TPE dolls, this is because in most cases, hair transplant dolls have silicone heads. Silicone retains hair well and is suitable for hair implants. So you can assume that hair implants are only suitable for silicone heads. This is why even if your doll’s body is made of a thermoplastic elastomer, it must still have a silicone head. This can sometimes make your purchase a bit heavy and require additional costs.

Laundry Hassle

Now, in this case, when you plan to give your doll a bath, you also have to wash their hair. Because in this case, you can’t take off their hair for a moment and you have to deal with it. So, every time you wash your dolls, it adds to the trouble because you have to deal with their hair. Now, this is not a problem for you at all, you can decide for yourself.

Highly realistic

Everyone wants to have a realistic doll with very detailed features even if they are very small. Now, implanted hair dolls have an advantage because they look very realistic and hold their hair like real people. You may interact with them in the way you want and even be aggressive with them sometimes. This is when you feel that your doll is so realistic that it won’t interrupt you. So generally speaking, when you compare an implanted hair doll to a wig doll, you will find it to be more realistic and detailed, which is a very peculiar feature for some people.

Single theme look

A single theme look means that your doll will be that way forever, or as long as you have it. Yes, if you choose a doll with transplanted hair, it will sometimes annoy you because it will look the same throughout and you may not be able to change their appearance. There is a way to change a doll’s hairstyle. If you buy a doll with short hair and later want to change the hair with a wig, the short hair can easily be covered by the wig. Otherwise, you will have to accept that you can’t make many changes to the appearance of your doll other than the clothes. Side wig dolls can have a variety of options, and you can always change them.

More sturdy than a wig

This is obviously a pretty important and noteworthy point that dolls with hair implants will have a firm grip compared to dolls wearing wigs. The hair is precisely woven into the skin of their heads using very advanced technology. This makes the head so tightly attached to the hair that it feels like a human scalp. Even if it is not that precise, you will never notice their artificial nature, which directly affects your sexual satisfaction and preference for your doll.


These are the most widely accepted and highly rated comparisons we could make to help you understand the nature of wig dolls and transplanted dolls.

We hope that after reading this article, you now have a clear understanding of the differences between wig dolls and transplant dolls, and how to make a personalized decision based on your choice. In doing so, you can adjust your purchase accordingly and make an informed decision. Each article is designed to help you make a better decision, because sex dolls are sometimes expensive and we don’t want you to regret your decision after you’ve made your purchase. That’s why our research team has come up with detailed content that will give you insight into the nature of your love doll.

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