Amelia – Petite Sex Doll | Barbie Doll Cartoon – 80cm

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Cute Small Breasts Petite Sex Doll Lola 130cm

Doll size
·Height:2ft 6 / 80cm

·Weight:6.2Lbs / 13.6kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:19.2in*12.5in*19.6in / 49cm*32cm*50cm
·Hand length:9.8in / 25cm
·Foot length:3.9in / 10cm
·Shoulder width:7in / 18cm
·Leg length:19.6in / 50cm
·Vagina Depth:4.7in / 12cm
·Anal depth:3.5in / 9cm


Background Story:

Amelia is a TPE sex doll with a height of 80cm.But it’s not just you, your “life” is also very bad. The vaginal area of the sex doll ends up being wet and slippery; she moans and whispers all her wishes and experiences passionately in your ear. All these fantasies are the result of technological exploration and innovation.The engine produces unimaginable resonance and provides magnetic attraction. The flexibility and heat of cheap sex dolls vaginal canals and busts can be contrasted with the juicy-sweet peaches of little pads filled with comfort water and vaginal canals. Some sex dolls have breasts that can be inflated individually, thus offering men the opportunity to adjust their size and thickness, and to choose between bouncy and soft breasts. The love doll’s apparently beautiful sound is nothing more than a built-in disc or tape.

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At 5ft 2in (157cm) tall, this gorgeous love doll has a pretty, innocent face with round, bright eyes and glossy lips that are irresistible. What more can you ask for? What more can you ask for?
Vicky attracts attention wherever she goes. This is what I always dreamed of when I was growing up. “When you put people in awe, the feeling you get from it is priceless,” she begins. She is adventurous and nothing is impossible for her. This attractive and sexy life size love doll is also into interracial sex and anal penetration.
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