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Last year, there was a very popular American TV series called “Why Women Kill”. I think everyone has seen it, right? It tells the stories of three women living in the same house in different generations, erotic dolls, and the 21st century story is about open relationships silicone sex doll.

What is an open relationship?
It is a type of relationship in which the two parties have a desire to remain partners, but are not constrained #Real doll korea by traditional monogamy. This means that both parties agree to remain in a romantic relationship or partnership while accepting or allowing the intervention of a third party.
This anti-traditional “non-monogamous” relationship is not accepted by mainstream society, inflatable doll for men, but it is more common than we think.

According to a US survey, one in five Americans has experienced an open relationship. China also conducted a survey on open relationships, in which 18 men said they refused to approve of open relationships, and the remaining 12 were half who had had open relationships sex doll head and half who were willing to accept or try open relationships.

The difference between an open relationship and an abusive relationship
Many self-righteous people regard open relationships as an excuse for promiscuous doll for session feelings and believe that open relationships are rationalizing infidelity, but there is a fundamental difference.
But an open relationship is one that is not controlled by another person. In love, both parties do not live for each other, but the union of two persons of equal status. An open relationship is not a rationalization of cheating. The essential difference between the two #Male masturbator is the partner’s knowledge and consent. The most important prerequisite for an open relationship is that both parties accept that honesty and trust play a very important role in an open relationship.

Why do people choose open relationships?
Among people who are willing to accept an open relationship, vagina pussy real sizes virtually every couple has a different reason.
1. both partners understand their “nature”, such as physiological or some personal experience, is indeed unable to long-term focus on the same partner type! So instead of hiding it, make an agreement to let the other person know and accept the emotional premise.
2. One partner finds himself unable to meet the other’s needs.
3. Some couples don’t have enough trust in the relationship due to maturity or mutual affection, so they use this to stimulate their partner’s feelings of jealousy and possessiveness to help them grow and keep the relationship going.
4. There are some long-distance or long-distance couples who, due to some practical reasons, still love each other deeply, will have sex with someone else, dolls for adults but the other person is informed and supportive. This situation also exists.

Open relationships are not for everyone
A systematic review of open relationships sexual toys in this New York Times article offers seven key points:
1. Open relationships aren’t for everyone, but neither are monogamous relationships.
2. Don’t use an open relationship as an exit strategy.
3. Open relationships are not used to maintain a relationship.
4. Rules and situations in an open relationship can change.
5. In an open relationship, there is always one primary partner who is your priority.
Open relationship, the main love parties open relationship object, all people can become friends.
Jealousy is a common emotion.

In other words, to have a successful open relationship, you have to be a more mature, self-aware person with good communication skills and empathy. It’s not easy. TPE sex doll!

Today’s discussion of “open relationship” does not mean that we advocate open relationship, after all, it is a relatively extreme and minority form, our current understanding of it is too limited to form any conclusions.

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