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Today I want to talk to you about the trivial matter of “kissing”.
I don’t know what your feelings are. Anyway, when I think of kissing, I can’t help but think of various classic kissing scenes in film and television dramas: the kiss of fate of the childhood male and female protagonist in “Jeux d’enfants”, “First Kiss” The innocent kisses of teenagers and girls, the sweet kisses of passionate men and women in “The Notebook”, and the classic kisses of “Titanic”, every scene is beautiful and romantic.

Kissing is one of the important social activities of human emotional communication and an important element of foreplay in love. There is too much knowledge behind it that is worth learning and exploring. Why do humans like to kiss, big ass, what is happening inside our brains when kissing, how to practice exquisite kissing skills to make lovers feel soft, should you close your eyes when kissing, doll for woman which minefields must not be stepped on, your tongue and Do you know the answers to these questions about the position of your hands? If you don’t know, that’s right, the freshly released kissing practice guide is provided with both hands, let’s get your friends to learn together.

Isn’t it the right person to know by just a kiss?
About 1000 BC, the earliest record of human kissing appeared in ancient Sanskrit documents. The document states that kissing is an act of drawing souls adult doll between two people. Such unique and romantic ancient written records may give many people the illusion that kissing is an innate human instinct.
But in fact, not all people are born to kiss, it is more like a behavior habit acquired by humans.
Scientists once conducted a “kissing preference” study on 168 human cultures around the world (only kisses between lovers, excluding parental kisses to children), and found that only 46% of humans regard kissing as romantic intimacy, sex doll woman.
So why do humans like kissing so much, and even use it as one of the criteria for mate selection? This may be related to the way animals are used to choosing mates by smell.
In 2013, researchers from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom conducted an in-depth survey. The survey question was: “What is the most important thing when kissing?” The answer with the highest percentage of results is: “The feeling of the other person’s body odor when kissing is the most important. ”

What is happening in our brain when kissing?

Kissing in moderation really makes people feel relaxed and comfortable, because the tongue is one of the most peripheral nerves in the body. The densely packed nerve endings make our lips sensitive. Kissing to stimulate the lips will cause changes silicone sex dolls feet in body temperature and pressure-heartbeat speeding up. , The temperature rises, producing a strong impact of pleasure and excitement.
When kissing, the human body’s “source of happiness”-dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are secreted in large quantities. Among them, dopamine can regulate sexual desire and make each other more intimate and happy, while serotonin and endorphins can promote the secretion of the “love hormone” oxytocin, and reduce the secretion of the “stress hormone” cortisol to relieve anxiety.
I have to say that kissing is really a low-cost “exercise” sex doll 100cm that nourishes the body and mind and has a lot of benefits.

Kissing hands-on guide point 1-preparations
First you have to have an object.
It is a prerequisite to ensure soft, delicate and in good condition lips.
Check your oral hygiene to silicone sex dolls feet ensure that there is no peculiar smell

Kissing hands-on guide point 2-5 types of kissing and tips for techniques
Soft kiss
As the name suggests, a light kiss is like touching the other person’s lips like a dragonfly. This type of kiss is recommended for first kisses or couples who have not been dating for a long time. Of course, there are also many old drivers who will often use them in the aftermath.
Key point: If it’s the first time kissing, don’t just imitate the hot kiss on the screen in the movie and TV series, and don’t rush to stick out your tongue, vagina pussy real sizes. This is really a bad experience for some jerky boys or girls.

Lick kiss
Stick out your tongue and gently lick and kiss each other’s upper and lower lips, or you can take turns sucking up and down. The movements must be gentle and slow, and earnestly experience the feeling of emotion flowing between the two male masturbator.
Key points: Novice drivers must pay attention to hydration when they first kiss. Carrying a bottle of water is a good choice because your mouth will become very dry when you are too nervous. If there is no water, you can use your tongue to make a circular motion on the upper jaw. Help your mouth secrete saliva. But it shouldn’t be too much, it’s almost moist.

Bite kiss
Okay, now we can use our teeth. Gently grab each other’s lips or use our own lips to hold the other’s lips and rub them slowly, but don’t use too much force. If there is a slight touch, it will let the other person. Itchy.
Main points: Don’t use too much force, not too much force, not too much force! Remember, the purpose of biting is not to bite, but to tease.

Sliding kiss
Next, we started to enter the other party’s mouth, lick the inside of the other party’s tongue with the tip of the tongue slightly, and gently sweep the lips, gums, and upper jaw. The sensitive nerves inside the oral cavity are stimulated, and the lust will be quickly stimulated and mobilized.
Key point: In this step, you will understand how important it is to maintain dolls for adults the oral hygiene of two people. Remember to relax your lips to prevent the muscles from becoming too stiff.

Tongue kiss
This is the legendary French kiss. In France, it is called a tongue kiss or a soul kiss. If the kiss is right, the two souls will feel as if they are merging. The main way is that the two tongues lick each other, which can be rhythmically Draw a circle around the tip of the opponent’s tongue.
Key point: Imagine the other person’s tongue as anything you like to eat—tomatoes, ice cream, jelly, biting, licking, and sucking, as if you want to swallow it in your stomach silicone doll 18 sex. Remember to take a deep breath before kissing to avoid embarrassment in the middle of the breath exchange, and try not to knock your teeth, so as not to cause discomfort.

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