aisha fickpuppe sex dolls are the world’s largest manufacturer of adult products

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As the founder of the Adam and Eve Center, the first love doll in mainland China, Wen Jingfeng, born in 1958, was nicknamed “Master Condom” by the Jianghu people. Please remember, 1993, this year is the year the opening of the erotic products industry, 35 years old, he resigned from the state organs “to go to sea” was exactly seven years. He has opened a diet store, a wedding business, and a flea market.

But kept hitting the wall. In 1993 he opened his first sex shop in China.

At the same time, China is the world’s largest producer of male sex doll products. 70% of the world’s adult products come from China, so it’s growing fast.

So China this bottom capsule suitable for the development of the lifelike sex dolls? To analyze from the following aspects: Political environment. China’s erotic industrial policy standards continue to advance, but the general lack of regulation. Since 2002, all implanted silicone devices (simulated genitals) are no longer within the scope of medical device management.


It means that the door of regulation has opened a big door and the space of the sex doll products market will be wider. In 2011, the China Reproductive Health Products Standardization Technical Committee was established and began drafting industry standards; the same year, the 6th Reproductive Health New Technology Expo opened in Beijing; it marked the national recognition of the reproductive health industry, and China’s reproductive health industry began to enter a healthy and sustainable development phase.


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