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AI Sex Robot version 4.2 – what you need to know! | Best Sex Dolls ❤️

AI Sex Robot version 4.2 – what you need to know!

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The latest 4.2 version of artificial intelligence sex dolls is finally here and it deserves all the hype. We must say that the new generation of AI dolls has far surpassed their predecessors. The previous version of the AI ​​doll introduced us to a kind of doll that can move, moan and show facial expressions. However, the current 4.2 version improves by introducing features that will totally impress you.



Talking system – when the doll starts talking!

Yes, that’s what it sounds like. Before, these dolls could only moan and all they could do was moan. However, this breakthrough feature allows the Sex Dolls to properly interact with the owner. Through interaction, we don’t just want to answer a few questions. This new clan of AI dolls can have regular conversations with you. With the advanced application of robot learning, dolls can learn through interaction. Simply put, the more she listens and interacts, the smarter she gets. From now on, your doll can learn two languages ​​- English and Chinese. Well, we can expect to add more language support in future versions of AI puppets.

User programmable background system
The user-programmable background system is a fundamental extension of the calling system. How is that? Well, this system allows you to customize the puppet’s response to your own preferences. To explain this in detail, you can upload a text or MP3 file to the application program. In the text file, the puppet’s answer to certain questions and situations is given. MP3 is more unique and interesting. This feature allows the doll to play the sexy sounds you upload to the user program. The user-programmable background system gives you full control over the doll’s reaction. You can decide how the doll speaks and reacts. Doll owners who want to use a user-programmable system will have to pay an annual cover fee of less than $20, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Lovedoll Lifelike made of TPE
Other properties
Although the user-programmable background system and dialogue system are the focus of this exhibition, other existing functions of the AI ​​robot puppet have also been significantly improved and are better than ever. Let us know more:

facial expression
It can be said to be one of the best features of AI dolls. The facial expressions have been smoothed out in the latest version 4.2. These blinks and smiles are more synchronized, look less scripted and more realistic. Overall, facial expressions have been subtly enhanced.

baby moaning system
The moaning system has been integrated into the calling system. As previously mentioned, the new AI doll is capable of speech and interaction. Although the moaning system still exists, it has been merged into a voice feature. Therefore, you can now expect more genuine complaints from AI sex robots. As with the user-programmable background system, you can control and dictate the Real Doll’s reaction. It can be said that the moaning system has been completely reformed. So thumbs up.

full body heating
Finally, let’s talk about the heating system. Has not received any major upgrades or overhauls. The function of this function is the same as in the previous version. The heating system can warm up the doll’s body temperature to make it close to normal human body temperature. You don’t want to hug a cold doll, do you?

We have to admit that the latest 4.2 version of AI dolls is revolutionary in a sense. The function of the listening program is the calling system and the user-programmable background system. We discussed how these two features can add more realism to the great design of AI powered dolls. Dolls can now use “Voice” as a means of expression. Even more incredible is that the doll can learn through regular interaction. This new version blurs the line between dolls and humans. But wait, it will help us more. Version 4.2 allows users to control the puppet’s reaction in a way that suits their preferences. If this isn’t impressive, then we don’t know what is. All in all, this is a necessary upgrade for AI dolls to bring their designs closer to actual humans.

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