Advantages silicone doll VS tpe sex doll – Which one to buy? – Silicone sex doll

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Today I will briefly introduce the difference between silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls. First of all, differs from the touch of love dolls feel: like silicone sex dolls usually have a little hard feelings. Compared with TPE dolls, TPE-like dolls have a soft touch on the skin. Of course, silicone dolls can be very soft, but the price will be more expensive, so many dolls on the website of the price will be different, so the current market neutral doll manufacturers will do O degree, can pinch, but TPE soft plastic dolls more Difficult.











A second, different skin texture: silica baby doll superior to TPE. Performance is better because the material is slightly harder. Some simulation fingerprints and information are only presented for silicone dolls, real dolls and soft TPE poor performance.Third, Different from the purchase price: price of raw materials silicone doll is soft TPE plastic doll several times. Silicone dolls are also much more expensive than TPE soft plastic dolls. TPE soft plastic sex doll valued at 800-2000 EUR, while the price is higher than the general silicone doll tpe doll same height as the height of 145 cm tpe doll are 1200 EUR , then 145 cm silicone dolls cost about 2500 EUR and even more high, the price is also manufacturer-related.

Finally, whether silicone or TPE soft plastic baby doll, as long as the product is a professional sex dolls, will be guaranteed safety and quality. If you are really concerned about the quality and safety of the dolls, then take a look at 【】 online store, because our products in strict accordance with safety and health procedures, in full compliance with the standards, our sex occasionally play a variety of safety certification, please be assured to buy.

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