Adult Videos vs Cam Girls – What’s the Difference?

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If you’re keeping track of the online adult industry, there’s one trend you’re probably noticing – cam girls are taking over. People tend to prefer live sex instead of scripted videos, and that’s a massive shift, quite frankly.

Now, this is to be expected to some extent. Cam girls offer an experience that’s a lot more responsive, which is what people tend to enjoy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the difference is between videos and cam girls, and why cam girls are rapidly rising in terms of popularity.

Videos are Getting Boring
When it comes to adult videos, there’s no denying that there is a massive variety of genres, styles and other things that will set one video apart from everything else. And that’s why many people enjoy them – they give them the ability to watch and fantasize about the things they want. It’s truly a situation where there’s something for everyone.

On the other hand, videos have been around for a good while, and for many people they’re just not that interesting anymore. They’re getting repetitive, simply because the ideas are somewhat exhausted and there’s really nothing new.

To add to this, there’s the fact that videos (well, most of them, at least) are scripted and recorded in more than one take. While this does appeal to some people’s fantasies, for others, it’s just boring. Not only do things seldom go in real life like they do in the videos, but there are a lot of elements that people would just rather skip and get to the point.

Cam Girls Keep Things Engaging

On the other hand, with cam girls, things are the exact opposite. Nothing is scripted, nothing is set in stone, and a vast variety of things can happen. Unlike with a video, where you have actors that follow a scenario and have a whole filming crew at their disposal, when you’re watching cam girls, you just have the cam model and her webcam. That’s it. And that’s the main difference between videos and cam girls.

Why is this better? Well, because the cam girl, when she’s live and streaming, can do whatever she pleases. There’s nobody in the room with her to tell her what to do, and she has complete and absolute freedom. She can read the audience well, see what they want, and cater to their desires in order to keep them engaged.

Of course, you, as a viewer, have an impact over what happens when she’s streaming. You can use the comments to give compliments, or you can ask the models to do something you’d like. Of course, whether they do it or not is completely up to them, but tipping well might sway the decision in your favor.

Videos Are Generally Cheaper
This is probably the main reason why many people still prefer videos – with most adult websites, you don’t have to pay to watch videos. Of course, paying does oftentimes get you some benefits like more videos to choose from and access to categories that aren’t available to non-paying viewers. But if you don’t want to spend money, videos are a good way to enjoy adult content.

On the other hand, with cam girls it’s usually a subscription-based solution. Of course, you usually pay the model you’re watching, and the platform they use only takes a small fee. If you really enjoy the content and want to support the model, this is the way to go.

What’s interesting about cam girl sites is that they also allow you to tip the models, which we mentioned earlier. Tips go straight to the model, and they’ll be able to see, in real time, who tipped them and how much. If you’ve got something specific you’d like to see the model do, tipping increases your chances of getting that.

Cam Girls Are Taking Over
When you take everything into consideration, there’s no denying that the adult industry does have something for everyone. You have videos for people who don’t mind boring scripts and don’t want to spend money, and you also have cam girls and live sex sites for the ones who would rather spend a few bucks and get a much more enjoyable experience.

But with so many people not minding the “entry fee” to the world of cam girls, they’re slowly but certainly taking over the adult industry. The fact that they give you an engaging experience where you really feel like you’re in control of some things is just perfect for many viewers. It’s a matter of choice, but in most cases, cam girls are the right choice.

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