Acquired sex dolls during the coronavirus

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This is a dark time for my friends. The coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) has been declared a pandemic. On supermarket shelves across the UK and US, people are always fighting over the last batch of rice, a roll of toilet paper, flour and hand sanitizer The stock market has been in battle. The prince, formerly Harry, gave up the benefits of livelihood and went to work. No matter where you are, this is a chaotic world.

And people feel hesitant, disappointed and lonely. Fortunately, it is possible to solve this problem. With just a little preparation, you can buy a sex doll to protect yourself from depression caused by the coronavirus.

Your doll cannot be infected with coronavirus The advantage of sex dolls is that they cannot be infected with viruses. Even if you own it, even if you want to give it to them. They couldn’t catch the virus and she couldn’t spread the virus by coughing or sneezing. All dolls are 100% virus free. Many people want to know if you can get coronavirus from packaging made in China.

Experts say Covid-19 can last 2-3 days on most surfaces and the delivery time for most goods sent from outside China is a few weeks, even if a doll is made by a person with coronavirus who is using the this virus will be gone a long time ago when it arrives. Experts also confirmed that regular household cleaning products can deactivate the virus within a minute. We recommend that you clean the doll upon arrival, regardless of the coronavirus. This is always recommended, and it is recommended to clean the doll after each use. Even if your doll cares about your recovery, it’s just as clean as the first one.

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