About the entity doll’s intelligent vocal function Surprisingly, it has been able to carry out intelligent dialogue?

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About the entity doll’s intelligent vocal function Surprisingly, it has been able to carry out intelligent dialogue?

The development of the physical doll has been a variety of functions
Among them, the intelligent voice function can be said to be one of the most high-tech
Has anyone heard that the doll vocalization can now talk to people?
Yes, this is true, it is so amazing.
So amazing function in the end what is going on? Today I’ll introduce you to introduce.

This article will be divided into 7 parts
1. What is the principle
2. what function
3. Session content
4. Points to note
5. How to buy
6. Video introduction
Then officially start

1. What is the principle
First of all to make sound you need a sound, the function of sound is achieved by implanting a sound (rechargeable) with the same color and skin tone on the back of the doll. Inside the doll’s back, there is an intelligent motherboard connected to the audio, and the intelligent motherboard is connected to five transmission lines, and the other end of each line is connected to a total of five sensors implanted in the doll’s two chests, two thighs and lower body, which is the key to achieve “intelligence”.


2. What functions
Intelligent dialogue Volume adjustment Vibrating function Automatic sleep Language change (Chinese & Japanese) Intelligent charging 5-point induction vocalization
There are two types of vocalization.
One is intelligent dialogue, talking to the doll, the doll will analyze what you say and give a corresponding answer.
There is also a corresponding sound at the touch implanted sensors.
The part of the sound exposed surface has a setting button. Long press to power on or off. Press once to interrupt the sound when the power is on, and press twice to turn the sound detection function on or off.

3. What can be said in the so-called session?
As mentioned above, there are two types of conversations.
In the case of intelligent conversation, it is mainly in the form of the user asking the doll questions and then the doll will respond. A question can correspond to a variety of responses.
For example, if you ask “How old are you?” The doll will choose one of the following six answers to answer.
①I am 18 years old, I am still a student
② Although I have big breasts, but I am only 18 years old.
③After this night with you, I’ll be 18, so stay with me, okay?
④Still the same, 36D, you do not help me grab a little more, how big can it be
The actual 36D, recently no one to accompany, at home to grab boobs, bigger ~ hmm ~. Come on, let’s touch it. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a little bit of the same.
The actual fact is that you’ll be able to find out if you’ve got a good deal more than just a couple of days.
Other can also do a lot of kinds of dialogue. (These conversations can only be done by the company’s dolls, because it is a self-developed function)
5-point induction vocal words, as long as out of touch the five points, the doll can recognize your strength to respond to you with the corresponding gasps and words.
And, not only the audio, headphones are also available.

4. What to pay attention to?
That is, do not touch the water. Because it is a device with power, if water seeps in it may become very bad.
Please be sure to pay more attention when bathing or maintenance. When cleaning, the only place behind the sound, do not soak water.

5. How to buy?
Currently hanidoll option does not have sound function, if you want to get sound function, please contact our customer service and pay the difference can be. Also, please fill in the comment field, so that we will send you the doll with sound function. (At present, only some dolls support the intelligent dialogue function of sound, please ask customer service for details)

6. Introduction video

Above, thank you!

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