About silicone dolls with oil

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Why love doll become oily?






Buyers of real dolls know that real love dolls are soft and pliable, but after some time, especially after a bath, the skin surface becomes sticky. Since human skin and muscles are soft, silicone oil is added to the silicone. This is not difficult to do. Before the real Dutch woman leaves the factory, the manufacturer first bathes her and then applies talcum powder or lubricating powder all over her body before packing and transporting her. Lubricating the surface of a love doll is very simple: a layer of talcum powder can be applied directly to the body (the packaging comes with the accessories, see below). You can also buy it in supermarkets. (A box of baby talcum powder costs about $15). It’s very simple: turn the water temperature down to a low temperature, use the body wash, rinse, dry, and then apply the talcum powder to get a smooth and silky feeling. It is very simple. If the doll is not for permanent use, it is recommended to collect it after powdering. Simply put, silicone doll oil is normal, no effort is required, and can be easily restored to its original state by washing and applying talcum powder.

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