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Former IT engineer Cunniwen can also be very talkative and busy and no longer has a girlfriend. One day, when he found an unexpected creature that was lonely, he thought that he might also find a companion or even a doll.

He defines these real dolls as his relatives and friends, even his companions and other identities, he already has his “extended family” and the love dolls are with him every day. Together. Now that he is retired, he enjoys the time he spends with his non-working sex dolls, walking around the house, playing games and watching TV together. I am very pleased.

Too many realistic love dolls help them change so cleaning is more trouble, but he doesn’t mind, he says it’s worth it and they can feel it.

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In the real world, people are always imperfect. Maintaining a good relationship requires long-term habits so that both parties can learn to live with each other’s imperfections. If you are not willing to engage in this, you may lose that intimacy. With the introduction of a real love doll, this problem is solved.

You don’t have to worry about her falling in love with you, you don’t have to worry about turning her into a princess, you don’t have to worry about arrogance, and you don’t have to worry about her getting old. As long as you don’t abandon her, she will stay with you. She can fulfill your desire for a dominant, conquering, giving out and possessing man to satisfy your machismo. Those who choose a sex doll as a partner are therefore more likely to be those who strive for perfection.

From the perspective of sexual thinking, a Real Doll is an artificial adult sex object that can substitute for a real person to satisfy orgasms and satisfy the sexual desires of men who find it difficult to satisfy their own desires for reasons such as the constraints of moral laws in social reality. People are right.

Some psychologists say that sex dolls on simulated bodies “offer the possibility of mapping emotions,” essentially emphasizing the importance of sexuality and intimacy with people beyond basic needs like eating and drinking.

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