A radio host once had live sex with sex dolls

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Fact check: According to study in the 90s, an American radio host ordered a life-size sex doll and loved it on air. This made a lot of people ooh and aah, and sex doll sales escalated like a rocket.






At first, it was considered taboo to get a sex doll or even think about it. And people considered it a stigma to talk about these love dolls in public. But those “dark days”
are no longer here. Now people have started to acknowledge the benefits of these pleasure dolls.
The sex doll industry continues to evolve and is currently considered one of the most dynamic professions. There was a time when sex dolls were made of inflatable plastic. This material was not enough to spark excitement among individuals. It was not only unattractive, but also far from reality.

Now the quality of these dolls is no longer unattractive. You can come across attractive, realistic life-size dolls made of skin-like materials like TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) or silicone. These materials give you the ability to bend your doll into any position you want. Therefore, it can be concluded that sex dolls are getting better and better, making them ideal full-size sex toys that look absolutely real.
To add more, these real dolls are not only a unit to deal with depression, loneliness or anxiety. In the current times, more and more couples are excited about the idea of bringing a sex doll into their bedroom. Why is it. Even if you are happily married, when your partner cheats on you, you may still have fantasies like a threesome. But to maintain loyalty in the relationship, they will never invite a real person to a “love session”. In such a scenario, sex dolls are ideal. They are built to fulfill this kind of fantasies.
Let’s dive deep into the details of how it can help spice up your marriage.

First things first, getting a sex doll.
You’ve decided to buy a sex doll. That’s wonderful! There are many reasons to introduce sex dolls in the bedroom. If you want to put the spark back into your relationship or meanwhile you are tense from your partner’s negligence
Having sex, buying a sex doll is a great idea. But it could also be sensitive as it involves two or more people.

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