A Funny Wedding and Sex Dolls

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A news item on the Internet has sparked discussions among people from all walks of life. According to a senior reporter, this is a man of forty, a man of this list and his own realistic love doll. A small wedding was held in his own house. The people who attended the wedding were mainly their close family members and friends. Many people had different opinions about something like this. Some people said that such a thing might go against normal common sense, while others said that this was a matter of someone else’s family. Most people have no way to interfere. Such a wedding has attracted the attention of many people.









The reason why this man is with a life-size silicone doll. Because the local conditions are not very good, I did not find a better woman when I was young. I was single and had a wedding because I was very hurt for a long time. They left each other for different reasons, so he had a bad impression on women, but he had this need, so he came to our sex dolls store under the idea of friends. After finding a certain way to sell, I bought this calm realistic full size doll directly in our store. This product has many functions, not only the simulation degree is as high as 95. More than%, and also very good in height and body structure, can adjust the size of the breast according to their own needs or the degree of firmness of the vagina is like a real person, so this man is very love.

Therefore, with the support of my family, I have a wedding with this most expensive love doll. I am very satisfied with the current state because it is equivalent to my own wife. This is actually a kind of emotional food. In society, such things are not uncommon. Although most people do not marry this product, their livelihood is based on this product.It is fun to marry a realistic real doll like this man, but with the development of sex dolls and various social factors, more and more people are buying realistic The size of the real doll, with a more realistic skin and a simulated private vagina can also fulfill their sexual desire without complaining about their sexual ability. People who do not have a girlfriend for a long time are more inclined to buy lifelike sex doll. They don’t need to spend too much time thinking about each other’s feelings. Real sex dolls only need them to care.

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